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The judges confer. Heidi thought that the kilt was a real mistake. Zac really didn't like the slogan on the front and Heidi agrees that it's tasteless. Nina prefers the outlandish over James's boring look. Heidi reminds everyone that Benjamin had two pieces in the bottom. Zac and Susan agree that Cindy's jacket was generic. Susan had never heard of a skort before! Zac wasn't wild about the vest from Layana and Daniel's look, but Susan thinks that a girl would be identifiable as a server if she were wearing this. Zac says that drop-crotch pants bother him because it looks like something sloppy happened. Heidi laughs at the way he fans his comment card when he says that. Heidi thinks that Richard and Joe really thought outside the box. Susan and Nina really loved the harness. Nina presents that the outfit could work for both guys and girls.

The designers return to the stage. Layana is the winner of the challenge. She hugs Daniel. She says that she can call all of her friends and tell them to go to SPiN to see her uniform. It's sweet how excited she is. She goes backstage and is a little emotional. So, the bottom two are Cindy and James. Wow, so Benjamin got off the hook. Cindy She thanks everyone and leaves the runway. Poor James. He interviews that he should have taken more control from the beginning. Tim comes in and remarks that the room is very quiet. He tells Dream Team that everything on the runway looked better than it did the day before. So, there's that? James goes to clean up his work space and says that this is just a growing point for him. He just has to work harder to get what he wants.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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