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There's a screen printer, Paul Bildner, on the premises. Since the logo has to be incorporated into all of the designs. He's there to help with that. That's really cool. Patricia is going to make her slogan glow. Patricia is worried because the judges told her during the last challenge that they would like to see more construction in her designs and a pair of pants don't show that. As Daniel is trying to offer her solutions, she kind of snaps at him and he interviews that Patricia is a little defensive, which won't work in this environment.

Tim comes in for a consultation and starts with Team Keeping It Real. That name doesn't get any less stupid the more I type it. Daniel and Layana explain their design and seem really excited. Daniel has this weird conceptual shape for his vest that is based on the ping-pall ball trajectory while in play. It's very esoteric, but the actual design looks nice. Tim doesn't reveal being confused, but I think he is. The team says that they are on board with what the two are doing. Stanley interviews essentially that Daniel is good, but not as good as him. It's only been a week, boys. Let's chill with that behavior for just a while longer. He is doing a look for a male server and he is working on the look alone. Richard and Joe are designing for the ball boy. Richard explains that he noticed the ball boys losing their stick/net thing that they use to pick up the balls, so they've designed a little back harness for the ball catcher. Balls. I don't know if I was able to mention those things enough. Balls. Amanda is making a look with fabric traditionally used for swimwear, which Tim finds clever. Patricia explains her design to Tim and it takes forever. Tim senses that she is worrying about herself instead of the team. He calls it "ego." Ouch. The team agrees with Tim and she seems unhappy with the criticism. I'm not sure anything got into her head though.

Dream Team's presentation begins with Michelle. Everyone loves what she's doing. Matt and Ben, heh, are working together. Matt says that they are doing the ball boy. Then, he corrects himself. They're doing the uniform for the ball boy, not the ball boy himself. Cheeky monkey. Tim doesn't understand why Matt is making jeans, since they are fairly ubiquitous. They joke about making a kilt and Tim says that he thinks it's interesting. Tim thinks that Cindy's jacket is beautifully made, but he thinks that Benjamin's punk top is a wackadoodle companion piece. Michelle is nervous about being on the bottom again.

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