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Fabio explains their collection. Heidi says that they were her least favorites. She only likes the jacket that Melissa made. Everyone thinks that it looks cheap. When it comes time to pick who should go home, they all resist. Anna says that maybe this is a sign of what went wrong -- they should have challenged each other more. Ven and Melissa choose Fabio, while Fabio chooses Ven because of his affinity for Melissa.

Backstage, Elena says that she regrets leaping to insult her teammates before the critique ever began, but she was angry. Dmitry says that she wakes up angry. Heh. The judges confer. They really liked everybody on Team Sonjia. Nina seems to be pushing for Christopher for the win. They all really liked Gunnar's dresses too. They really had a problem with Dmitry's shawls. They thought it was a throwaway. They hated Elena's jacket. Nina said it was tortured. Michael says she is angry and Anna says she made an angry coat. Alicia, however, didn't fight for anything. Anna thinks that Team Melissa was all too nice to each other. Michael thinks that they were all too busy thinking how fabulous they were to make well thought out clothing. Michael says that Ven's skirt could be worn as a dirndl to a beer hall. They hated Fabio's clothes.

The losers come back to the stage. Sonjia wins the challenge! She's so happy. The winners leave the stage. Backstage, Gunnar says that he's glad he's not on the runway. Back on the runway, Melissa is in. Ven is in. Elena is in. Boo. Dmitry is in. It's down to Alicia and Fabio. Oh no. Alicia... is out. Heidi kisses her and she's out. She interview that there was more that she wanted to show. Tim comes in and remarks that the room seems somber. He sends her away as we hear the popular refrain that we haven't heard the last of her.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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