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Now, it's time for these guys to craft. I wonder if Rosie O'Donnell will be the guest judge for this challenge. Gunnar pitches an idea about a face on a t-shirt. Fabio interviews that his group gets to work right away. He focuses on the t-shirts, Melissa paints tote bags and Ven is making accessories. Fabio points out that they don't know what the challenge is, so they're just making as many items as they can. Sonjia says that there group is just stenciling little figures that represent elements of fashion onto t-shirts. Christopher draws a face onto a t-shirt and Gunnar says that he loves it. Then, he jokes that it looks like a mug shot. Christopher laughs and says, "Have you seen this person?" He interviews that he and Gunnar are on a different level than they were before. He says though that it's hard to tell whether or not Gunnar is being sincere. Here's the thing, he's not being sincere. I think his natural state would be a little bitchier, but I feel like he has made a conscious effort to combat that sort of behavior in order to take advantage of the good things that come with positive energy. I really don't feel that that's a far-fetched idea and I think that was maybe what my friend was getting at with the anti-cynical comment.

Elena says that their plan is just to paint a bunch of shit in a lot of different ways and she looks like she's going at it in a fairly haphazard fashion. She says that all of it came out pretty ugly. She is correct. Jesus. This shit is ugly. Of course, she only decides to judge it harshly after all of it is finished. There's something wrong with her and the way she does stuff. She presents herself as this crazy control freak when really it seems like she's only crazy defensive. Sonjia says that they made "the most homeless t-shirts" she's ever seen.

Dmitry, who is laboring under no illusion that they've created something amazing, suggests adding some sort of adornment to the sleeve of one of the tees. Elena doesn't like the suggestion and he says that he thinks his adjustment might make it special, since currently they just have some hideously painted white shirts. She just thinks his idea is "lame." He interviews that she never has anything positive to say. When she steps away, Dmitry asks who the eff is going to buy something from Elena. "She's like walking depression." I kind of love Dmitry. There's nothing planned about his persona and I really appreciate that. He tells Alicia that you try to work with Elena but she just keeps putting everything down. Alicia interviews that she just wishes that Elena would calm down. If they are good salespeople, they will be able to unload the shirts whether they are good or not. She says that it has never been more imperative that they make it work.

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