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They have a sketching session and Melissa interviews that Ven's aesthetic is very formal, while she's edgy and Fabio is street. She's interested to see how their styles will mesh. Christopher seems to do a good job of trying to pull elements of Sonjia's design into his own. Elena is pretty controlling in her group. She's making a coat and wouldn't really listen to Alicia's suggestion that they make it in navy blue.

At Mood, Elena's team seems to settle on using different shades of gray. Christopher cracks that, by the season's end, he's going to have the legs of a Hungarian shot putter, from climbing all of the stairs at Mood. Sonjia looks for some wool knits and becomes uncomfortable with the color choices. They waste so much time with that that they ultimately have to split up and buy stuff separately.

Back at the workroom, Elena is immediately planting doubts in everyone's minds about their direction. She tells Dmitry that she hates one of his ideas and he ignores her and just keeps working, which is probably the smartest things he could have done. Sonjia and her team discuss how dysfunctional Team Elena is. Christopher says that they will rip Alicia apart onstage if they're in the bottom. He interviews that Elena and Dmitry argue like Boris and Natasha. Also, he's thankful that he's not in a group with Elena, as every group she is in goes kaput. She doesn't want Dmitry to make a dress, but he's not relenting. Alicia says that she doesn't have patience for other people's drama, but I'm not sure that she has it in her to stand up for any sort of vision.

Tim comes in for a consultation and notes that everyone seems a bit grim. Dmitry tells Tim that they are making a dress and a coat over slacks and a shirt. Tim tells Alicia to be conscious of the fit of her pants. Gunnar says that Dmitry is making yet another dress when he had said before that he wants to make outerwear. Tim is shocked by Dmitry's exposed darts on his dress. It's like he killed someone. Everyone is mortified. It doesn't seem so fucking crazy to me.

Ven tells Tim that they wanted their collection to feel light. Sonjia says that Ven can't get past the fan effect in his looks and she finds it boring. Tim doesn't think that the same woman who wears Fabio's coat would wear Ven's fan skirt. Ven interviews that he's really disappointed in Tim's critique.

Gunnar tells Tim that they are working on a sort of military look. Christopher is making a long trench and Sonjia is making a shorter jacket and will attach leather sleeves. Tim thinks that the leather is too much and will look like she's trying too hard. He cautions her to not overdesign. Elena thinks that Christopher's long trench looks like a Snuggie. The weird thing is, she's saying it like that's an insult. But, she wouldn't. Gunnar made the dresses underneath the coats and they're already done!"Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9Next

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