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Tim leaves and they get to work. Elena tells Dmitry that she's liking her look. Dmitry agrees and says that it looks more sporty. Then, Elena giggles and mimics him saying "sporty" over and over again. And, sorry to bring this up again, but I can't help feeling there is a tinge of something going on there- that something that I was feeling last week. She's doing a very fey impression of him. Dmitry is not person who really invites that sort of thing, I don't feel. I really hate being the guy that seems oversensitive, but it seems like there is a pattern of these women slurring the masculinity of their male competitors. From Sonjia talking about how guys don't know how to design for women, to the whole Silk Chiffonies thing, to this. I can't help it. It really bothers me. It feels like an attempt to devalue everything they do and say. Now mind you, I understand that the don't have to like each other and they want to be competitive. That's not the issue. There are other ways to win than this kind of shitty behavior. Christopher says that he wishes they had a horse tranquilizer. Dmitry interviews that, in order to kill the witch, you need a silver bullet and a wooden stake.

The models come in for a fitting. Everyone thinks that Gunnar's dresses, the ones that are going to be covered by the outerwear, are great. Elena tells him that they look like something that she would do. That's a huge compliment. Yeah, I just don't like her now. Gunnar is worried because his dresses are the strongest thing in the collection and Christopher has immunity, so he's wondering if maybe his ass isn't in gear or some such. I doubt that's the case. They compare Sonjia's coat to Legends of Zelda. That's not good.

Ven makes a skirt and he doesn't feel great about it, but Fabio seems to like it. Elena doesn't think that Alicia's pants are tailored enough. "I don't like it," she says, effectively shutting Alicia down. I think she would have listened had she not been so horrible.

The next morning, Melissa is worried about Fabio's coat. He didn't put any liner in the collar and it's falling a little flat. Elena thinks that it looks like a dress. Dmitry thinks that, though they had the most money, their collection looks cheap. The models come in and everyone gets fitted. Hair and makeup happens too! Christopher is still happy that he's not in a group with Elena.

The designers go to the runway and Heidi greets them again. She introduces Michael, Nina and guest judge Anna Sui. She's awesome. Now, it's time for the show! First up is Elena's group. Dmitry made the first look it's a fitted black dress with an asymmetrical cutout on one clavicle. It's pretty and is coupled with a fringe shawl. I kind of like the shawl. Next is Elena's structured jacket over pants and a top from Alicia. It's all pretty limp.

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