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The next collection is Sonjia and co. Sonjia's jacket is cute. It's forest green and is coupled with Gunnar's dress which is tweed and leather. He makes a similar dress that is worn over Christopher's short sleeved trench in camel. It's pretty smart looking. And, I have to say, once again Gunnar's dresses are fitting like a glove.

The Ven collection is last. First is Melissa's short and cool jacket over a lavender top and gray skirt. This is the skirt that Ven remade. I don't mind the silhouette, but the colors are kind of gross. They look like wan pajama colors. Melissa's embarrassed about the hemline of the shirt. Next is Fabio's coat and shirt, with pants made by Ven and designed by Melissa. Everything's just sort of flat and the shirts seem too thin for Fall.

After the show, Heidi tells Gunnar, Sonjia and Christopher that their team is the winner. Their models return to the stage. Sonjia explains who made what and it's very cute the way she sounds a little nervous. Michael loves the camel coat that Chris made. He's also very fond of the dress. Heidi says her favorite piece is the jacket of Sonjia's and everyone agrees. Nina thinks it hits just the right spot on the model (it really does). Anna says that teamwork is vital in design and she asks them how to work. Gunnar says that they would work apart, then come together. Heidi asks who of them does each think should win. Christopher says Gunnar, which is very nice. Gunnar says Gunnar and Sonjia says Sonjia.

Now, it's time for the losers. Elena pouts while Dmitry explains their pieces. Heidi notices and asks and Elena says she's pissed because Dmitry and Alicia essentially completed a look and only left her with one coat to show her stuff. Dmitry says that he's happy to compromise (to which Elena rolls her eyes) but Elena is impossible to work with. Then, she says that they had to build the collection around his dress because that's the only thing that he knows how to do. He laughs from shock then says that she only makes coffins. SLAM.

Heidi takes a deep exhale and says, "OK." Nina seems a little embarrassed too. She says that they need to see something from Dmitry besides dresses. She didn't like the shawl. She thinks that the volume in Elena's jacket looks like a mistake. Then, she slams Elena for only making coats. She says that she was the only person on her team who could make a coat and Dmitry says that, since she was complaining that she didn't have enough to do, she should have made a nicer coat. Also very good. They hate Alicia's top and pants. Heidi says that they're not interesting. Anna thinks that their bad attitudes are reflected in the clothes. Elena says Dmitry should go home. Dmitry says Elena. Alicia says she respects Elena more as a designer, so she chooses Dmitry.

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