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Things are coming together for Layana and Kate. Kate says that Layana is mostly just going with the flow at this point. I think we have a winner for person who teamwork has saved. Layana probably would not be doing nearly as well if she had to work on her own. Patricia is having a difficult time finishing her complicated textile. She shames herself for trying so hard to be different as they leave the workroom for the evening.

The next day, they are back to work. Matt says that he is making the worst constructed dress of his career. Samantha is worried about his look putting them in the bottom. Tim comes in and Matt tells him that he's stressed. They have two hours before the show begins. Their models come in and Matt says that his fit is off. Amanda says that they need to take two inches off of the torso of their look in five minutes. Well, that seems virtually impossible. Michelle says that she thinks that Patricia is some sort of magician. Her look is complete and seems kind of stunning. Patricia says that she knows how to finish something in time. Matt thinks that Richard's dress looks like she took a shit of ruffles. That's really the elegant way to put it. Actually, it's also dead accurate. Cindy says that Benjamin is crashing and burning. Does it seem to you that there is a little lingering animosity between the two of them? I don't think either of them would say it outright, but they are so evocative when speaking of the other's failings. She thinks that he needed to buckle down and make a decision. In hair and make-up, Scott Patric, hot make-up daddy, is wearing glasses. He looks so smart. Daniel is dressing his girl and telling us that he is self-taught. He says that he has worked hard all of his life. Then, he gets choked up as he tells us that he has been up and he has been down. He takes this opportunity very seriously and he wants to win very badly. Gah, these guys are killing me. Everyone is very emotional this week.

Everyone has to rush to help Benjamin because nothing is ready. That said, he still doesn't want to let Cindy own any of the things that need to happen. It's a mess. Everyone is wrapping the girl in the straps from his sketch. Matt thinks they cut off the circulation to her breasts. Gangrene breasts. They're all the rage this season. This model is super small and they've squeezed her so tight that she's got back fat peeking out of the dress. So sad.

On the runway, Heidi greets the designers. She introduces Zac, Nina and guest judge Kristin Davis. Hey, it's still exciting for me to see her. Sue me. Two members of the winning team will be winners and one member from the losing team will be out.

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