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In Chinatown, Maya tells Anthony that she's most struck by the "structure." I don't know what she means by that. For me, Chinatown is one of the few parts of New York where the set-up is fairly asymmetrical, which is a word I apologize for using so often in my description of the finished designs (but it works!). There are a bunch of different kinds of architecture present. It's dizzying. The signage alone makes everything seem kind of disorienting. Perhaps that's because I don't speak Chinese? But, I'm also talking about the shape of the signs. It's almost like a more authentic Times Square. Don't kill me for writing that Chinese-Americans. I like Chinatown. Anthony agrees though about the structure. Maya mentions that there is a lot of red in Chinatown, which is absolutely correct. Anthony interviews that there were tons of people on the streets in Chinatown. He notices that the streets are narrow and everything is very colorful. Maya interviews that she's very glad that Anthony chose her. She says he's being really funny and silly, something she sometimes needs. That's cute. Maya is really serious. Anthony sees something in a window. "Are those pigs?" No, they are ducks. Dead cooked ducks hanging in a window. They take a closer look and are both disgusted. Ya'll Chinese duck tastes so freaking good. Maya thinks that the fire escapes on the outside of the buildings (or "ladders" as she calls them) might make a good detail for a daytime look. Anthony sees a paper dragon in a window and thinks that the geometry of the folded paper might be of interest. Maya agrees.

OK, I have to interject something. You know, last week I was talking about how Tim seemed a little sub-par this season. I still think he has not been at his best, but I'm thinking it may have less to do with him. As loathe as I am to admit this, I think there's a problem with the cast. Now, I've had problems with previous casts, but this is different. These guys are just here to work. They're so serious. The remaining people are all super talented, but... they're no fun. I'm wanting to scratch my own eyes out right now, but I miss Wendy Pepper. And, not just because I want drama or anything. There just seems to not be much discovery here. Anthony is the only person who is growing at all and I think that's only because (don't hate me, Hotlanta) he's away from his home. He'll be designing pageant stuff as soon as he's back home. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but I don't really want to watch it. No one here has an artistic temperament. It's essential for this show to work. Otherwise, Tim is pointless. There's nothing for him to reign in or guide, because everyone knows exactly what they're going to do. Sorry, just needed to say that. I'm right, aren't I? Something's missing and I think that's it. Nina's on fire this season, but everything else, though a lot of the fashion has been very accomplished, has been pretty bland. Someone please confirm for me that I haven't just lost the ability to feel the magic but that there's actually just no magic.

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