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After Tim is gone, Jonathan and Amy worry about the overdesign comment. Anthony is having to do a lot of hand-stitching and is worried about time. The models come in for a fitting. Jay tells his girl that he's having a hard time with Mila. This is the first time that Emilio is not ready for a fitting. Jay is happy with the fit of his pants. Seth Aaron's jacket doesn't fit correctly, so he takes it off and cuts it right away. Everyone vomits. Kidding, but they were freaked. Mila notices that Jay hasn't finished his top yet. Emilio laughs about they're lack of togetherness. Jonathan interviews that Emilio is naughty for putting them together. Emilio is still laughing. Dear God, why don't they have reunion shows anymore? Jonathan and Amy are fucked (Jonathan's word). Their stuff is so complicated that they haven't been able to help the other person.

The next morning, as they are lying in their beds, Emilio asks Jonathan how he feels. "Disgusting," he says with no affect. He interviews that he doesn't know if he can physically sew fast enough to do all of the things that he needs to do. Mila also freaks out to the girls about how she doesn't know if she can finish. Anthony pledges that the boys will leave as three and return as three. Emilio and Jonathan are in the other apartment.

At the workroom, everyone is worried about finishing. Maya expresses some regret about not using more color. Anthony takes the opportunity to shame her for being so controlling. Who's got textile problems now? Tim sends in the models. Mila is worried about Jay's top for his look. Emilio thinks that Amy and Jonathan are in trouble and he says it in a typically nasty way. Jay is worried about Mila blaming him for any flaws in their designs and he's right. She's going to blame him. Jonathan and Amy are working until the last moment.

Heidi greets the designer. She introduces the judges: Francisco Costa is sitting in for Michael Kors (he's the Women's Creative Director for the Calvin Klein Collection), Nina Garcia (she's the nastiest woman in fashion, thank heavens), and Molly Sims (she's completely unqualified). The designers clap for Molly. No! The show begins.

First up is Maya and Anthony. For the day look, Maya created a black skirt with pleats. Inside the pleats are swatches of red. The top is the striped print that she hated earlier. The sleeves end at the middle of the forearm. I don't really like it. It's pretty bland. A thin belt at the waist kind of saves it, but not really. Maya thinks it's modern and unique. The skirt, maybe. Oh wait, there are ladder cut-outs on the sides of the sleeves. They don't blow me away, but they represent the concept. Anthony's look for nighttime is next. It's a short cocktail dress with a plunging neckline. It's a black fabric with a helix sort of wandering from the right shoulder down to the left side of the dress. Pretty cool. Anthony thinks it's pretty original.

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