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The show begins with Diana's collection. The first thing I notice is that she was successfully talked out of the chiffon flowing between the model's legs. It's now flowing over her hip. It's not the prettiest stuff I've seen, but it is true to its concept. Diana said she wanted to mix bondage and flowing fabrics and that's exactly what I see. It's very strappy. Kind of Helmut Lang (R.I.P.). Unfortunately, it's not very flattering. The second look is a short black dress, with cutouts on the sides of the waist. There is red chiffon flowing over the entire bust. There are small asymmetrical cutouts all along the back of the dress. This is the one that Cara is wearing. I guess it wasn't supposed to look like a dress, but it actually gives the collection a little diversity this way. Cara is an unenthusiastic walker. Lupe is bouncing to the music, and it's weird. She interviews that their collection is smooth and cohesive. The final look is probably the best. It has a thong bottom that's asymmetrical on the sides. The top is a bandeau with lot of asymmetrical straps coming out of it and wrapping around the model's neck. She is also wearing two lavender chiffon sleeves that fit around her biceps and fall to below her knees. And damn, that is a THONG. Entire ass exposure working there. Again, not the prettiest work, but it lives up to its concept. Marla interviews that she finds their concept innovative.

Next up is Santino's collection. This is going to be hard; there's a lot of shit going on. The first look is sort of a high-waisted negligee with matching leggings. The fringe is all ivy-looking cliché German kitsch. There's stuff everywhere: felt leaves at the middle of her bust; random red strings attached to the sides of the bust, just hanging. The leafy strap is halter-shaped. Aye. Oh my God, the next one. This is really fucking hard. The next one appears to have the silhouette of lederhosen, with lots of peek-a-boo cutouts. Fringe and stuff everywhere. Emmett interviews that Santino added stuff until the designs weren't "delicate or sexy any longer." I'll say. The panties of that one are kind of cute. There's a ruffle on the ass that is adorable. The last one is, ostensibly, just a bra and panties. The bra is a short bustier with a halter strap. The panties ride really low on the model's hips. I guess it fits nicely, but there's so much fringe that it totally perverts the shape of the design. It's brown and red and gray? Emmett also calls this "vaudeville" and I agree. The last design has "Auf Wiedersehen" on the behind, but even that is so frilly, I can hardly read it. Santino interviews that the judges did not seem "amused" by his collection. No; in fact, Nina looks pissed.

Now it's Daniel V.'s turn. The first look is really smooth. It's a skirt and a strapless bustier top. In keeping with the concept, they look like they were shaped from a man's suit. They're not changing the world, but it's cute. Daniel says that he wasn't completely satisfied by his collection. The next look is a black one-piece negligee. The model is wearing a collar and tie as well. There's some tuxedo fabric and tailoring on the negligee, which includes it in the concept. Andrae interviews that he could actually see their looks being worn as undergarments. Their final look is a bra and panties. The panties are little boy-cut shorts and the bra has pleating all along it -- sort of like a tuxedo shirt. This look is really hot. Everything fits the model really well.

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