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Finally, it's Daniel Franco's collection. Geez, it's ancient. It has a Frederick's of Hollywood sort of look to it. The first one is sleeveless and low-cut. Lace over the bust. Satin sash. Layered short skirt. Yawn. Daniel interviews that he and his teammates were proud of their designs. He also comments that Kara and Chloe worked harder for him than he could imagine "a designer doing for another designer." The next one is kind of the same thing, but with large cutouts on the side of the bust. Kara laments that the silhouettes weren't better conceived. The last is, again, kind of the same thing. It's a dress, though, with tiny cutouts at the waist. All three of the designs were made with the exact same fabric in the exact same places. I thought I was watching an episode of Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters. They used to wear the same dress cut three different ways. Since Irlene couldn't sing but was pretty, she would always get the most revealing of the cuts. I realize I could have just used Destiny's Child as an example of this instead of making myself look like such a hick, but whatever. Chloe interviews that she is proud of the collection, even though it's not very original. At least, she says, it was sewn properly.

The scores have been tallied and the designers step onto the runway. Daniel V.'s team is asked to step forward. Heidi tells them that the judging will be different for this challenge. Then, she tells Daniel that he won the challenge. She also says that the scores for his team were much higher than the other teams. Daniel politely says that he is very happy they won. We see his team hug their models backstage. Heidi calls Diana's team, and they step forward. She tells them that their scores are high enough to qualify for the next challenge. They leave the runway. Santino is murmuring under his breath as they walk past him. Marla and Lupe hug backstage.

The lowest scored teams are Daniel F.'s and Santino's. The models come back onstage. Nina tells Santino that she is disappointed. She asks him why he picked his theme. Santino seems ready for a fight. He tells her that it's not "run-of-the-mill lingerie." Nina says that she believes lingerie should be sophisticated with a lot of attention to detail, whereas Santino's designs are overwhelming. Heidi adds that it is unclear where on his design you should be focusing. Cynthia Rowley adds that if he had mixed any of his pieces with something more wearable, his line might be more "understandable." Santino counters, "But that's not my vision, and that's not what I was trying to present." Already, I'd be like, "Get out of here." In any capacity! Like, "Hey buddy, you're not fucking Shakespeare yet. Chill with the attitude." If I were an instructor and a thirty-year-old man started to rant at me, I'd have to tell him, "You know what, you're not a child. This is unacceptable behavior for a grown-up, artist or not." I just think, on any level, his attitude is out of line. Nina nails it: "It's not aesthetically pleasing." Santino says, "I think lingerie is sexy and I think it's supposed to come off, is what I think." Is he trying to shock the ladies? Like they don't know what lingerie is for. What the fuck is happening right now? ["And what exactly is his argument, here -- that, if your lingerie is ugly, your partner will peel it off you faster so s/he won't have to look at it anymore, and therefore it's done its job 'better'? Shut up, Sonny." -- Sars]

Nina replies, gamely sticking with this argument despite Santino's attitude, that lingerie is supposed to be delicate. He says that's been done. Nina's right back with, "This has been done too!" Then, Santino's all, "Who? Who's done it? Name names." This guy. Elle may not be Vogue, but come on! Like the damn editor of one of the biggest fashion mags in the world isn't going to be able to name an influence for just about everything she will ever see. And sure enough, she does. "This could be Galliano." To which Santino responds, "Maybe." That's beautiful, but she's not finished. "This could be McQueen. This could be so many people." Then Santino says that his concept came to him "organically." Okay, despite Santino's wretched demeanor, I think I may understand where he's coming from. I think he's trying to say that he doesn't feel like he attempted one thing and got it wrong. He feels that he created a new concept that shouldn't be judged by other pre-existing concepts. The problem with that thought process is that the garments are purposed, and he has already stated quite clearly that he understands the purpose. Lingerie is made to be sexy. His designs aren't sexy. Nina's not just telling him why they aren't good lingerie, she's telling him why they aren't sexy. Nina adds that the designs don't look well made and Santino replies, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Nina!" There was something comical about that.

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