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When Daniel F. is describing his designs for Chloe and Kara, Chloe is pressuring him to simplify his ideas. Chloe interviews that Daniel is a "true artist," but that his designs are too ambitious for the amount of time in which they have to finish them. Chloe gets hardcore and starts scolding Daniel for not listening to her. For his part, he giggles a little when she does that, which makes him look like a good sport. The problem was that he was thinking so much, he wouldn't be able to answer the questions that Chloe or Kara had about the construction of his designs. At one point, Chloe says, "You're not listening to me. That's gonna be a problem." Commercials.

Each team has $200 to use for supplies at Mood. Daniel Franco interviews that each of them has a specific job to accomplish, but we see him searching for duchess satin when Kara had already gotten it. Daniel V. and Zulema disagree over what is more important, color or fabric. D.V. is in the fabric camp, while Zulema belongs to Club Color.

Lupe moves a bright printed fabric in front of Diana and asks her "how it makes [her] feel?" I love it that Diana actually thinks about how she "feels" instead of saying it's pretty or ugly. "I don't know. It makes me feel African." Tim is looking on. It doesn't look like he likes the fabric. Lupe interviews that she is hoping working within someone else's vision will help her learn to compromise.

We see Nick pooh-poohing a fabric as "a little disco." Then we hear him interview that Emmett is in charge of shopping. He also mentions that Santino is micro-managing the group. The groups are rushing around. Chloe and Kara are pushing Daniel F. to hurry. As everyone is leaving the store, Santino realizes that he doesn't have his sketches. Nick interviews that Santino found them just lying on the floor in the back of the store. After the sketches have been retrieved, we hear Nick say, "Out of chaos comes beauty."

At Parsons, everyone starts working. Daniel says in an interview, "The concept is, like, really beautiful, romantic lingerie. People wear lingerie, it's because they're, like to, about, you know, get some action or something. At least I'm hoping. For them." We see Kara being really stern to Daniel and telling him that she will have to see if she is able to complete something as he has requested. Kara finds it necessary to drop some heavy dance science on us and interviews that she and Chloe knew it was important to keep Daniel "on step and on toe and on point."

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