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Zulema says in an interview that Daniel V.'s leadership style is very relaxed and he enjoys input from others. Santino, bent over a drafting table, says, "This is for you, Heidi Klum." Then, we see an interview where he says that his theme was "Heidi Klum meets Sound of Music." We see him talking to Emmett seriously, concluding with, "Okay? You know what I'm saying?" We then hear more of Santino's interview where he says that he did not know until after choosing Emmett for his team that Emmett could neither sew nor make patterns. Guess that answers my earlier question about Emmett and Marla. Emmett more diplomatically interviews that he and Santino come from very different backgrounds. In menswear, he doesn't have to use "tubular stretch fabrics." Nick whispers to Emmett at one point that the design is going to be "campy, with a capital C." To which Emmett responds, "Don't fire the sewer." ["The dry delivery of that totally endeared Emmett to me. I don't think he's long for this world, show-wise, but I like him." -- Sars]

Diana interviews that her designs are "reminiscent of bondage" with "flowing chiffons" on top. Diana is explaining one design to Lupe. Lupe, quite rightly, seems confused because the design intends that there will be chiffon hanging between the model's legs. Like a tail or something. It sounds gross. Lupe tells Diana that "[she doesn't] get it." Lupe says in an interview, very nicely, that Diana is young and her ideas can be a bit "conceptual."

We see more of Daniel F. arguing with Chloe and Kara. Wow, they really are getting frustrated with him. Daniel interviews that he's not trying to anger Chloe and Kara -- he really thinks that the changes he's making are necessary. There's a moment where Daniel F. is talking to Kara and she says, "Chloe, we've changed minds here." Daniel hurriedly replies, "No, don't say it like it's freaky. It's a good thing."

Daniel V.'s group seems to be getting along. At one point, Daniel is explaining something to Andrae and they say "matte" at the same time. Daniel then says, "It's really weird how we keep finishing each other's… [waits until joke is no longer funny -- thanks, Andrae]." Then they finally finish in unison, "Sentences." Everyone's scurrying. More Daniel Franco Team fighting. Kara interviews that Daniel is overthinking and "he's not realizing that we've got to get things done."

Santino can't tell the front from the back on Emmett's work. Emmett interviews that the day is stressful.

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