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With an hour and a half left in the day, Tim enters. None of Daniel V.'s looks are finished yet. He tells Tim that it's "doable," though. In other news, Daniel has a tattoo peeking out from beneath the right sleeve of his t-shirt. Just thought I'd point that out.

Tim tells Diana that he doesn't understand her design. He doesn't like the idea of the fabric flowing between the model's legs. Tim wants to make sure that Diana's concept is not in fact a gimmick. She doesn't think it is, but she does a really bad job of telling that to Tim. Lupe interviews that Diana needs to learn to be a better communicator if she wants to sell her ideas.

When Tim asks Santino how his group is doing, Santino stands with his arms crosses and head cocked and says, "It's coming." Tim notes that Santino seems really stressed out, and tells Nick to help him.

Tim tells Daniel F. that his designs don't look young enough. He says it's looking "Joan Collins." Damn, Tim can nail a pop culture reference when he wants to, can't he? Daniel seems mortified. However, he transfers that mortification to the audience when he deludes, "I think we're basically gonna have the best quality garments that Project Runway has ever seen." Has he lost his mind? What the hell is he talking about? Does he realize that the show he is on and was on last year IS Project Runway? Tim asks Chloe and Kara, without Daniel, how things are going. They tell him that they are nervous. Tim points out that, though Daniel is a good designer, he thinks like a "fine artist" with "no deadline." Chloe and Tim agree that failure to regard a deadline is Daniel's worst flaw as a designer. As they're scurrying, Chloe, sounding like Simon to Daniel Franco's other Simon, says, "God, you drive me crazy, Franco. You drive me crazy. I'm gonna kill you." Daniel's response is, "Kill me after the challenge, please."

Emmett asks Santino what he wants on the bustier that he is making, and Santino says, "Just finish it." Elsewhere, in an interview, Santino says that he got "a sack of potatoes" when he chose Emmett to be on his team. He calls Emmett "dead weight." Just like this show isn't The Apprentice or Survivor and it's unnecessary to be all "strategy" and "alliances" and shit, I also wouldn't feel the need to clean the slate after every challenge. I'd be like, "You were rude to me on the runway. Do NOT fucking talk to me at the fabric store." I'd hold a grudge. But that's just me. Santino continues in his interview that, when he saw the look that Emmett was working on, it was incomplete and looked like a "Christmas elf's" outfit. We see Santino cover his eyes and just generally start to wig as Emmett tries to comfort him. Tim enters and tells everyone that it is time for everyone to leave for the day. Santino falls to the floor. Emmett, of course not realizing that Santino is talking all kinds of shit about him, says to Santino, "You are a very good designer. You have Nick and I [sic] dealing with it. We believed it from the first minute that we sat down together to talk about it. This is not the time to be second-guessing your vision." Nice little pep talk, huh? Santino still has his eyes covered. I wonder if he's trying to keep himself from telling Emmett that this is all his fault. Commercials.

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