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The models start to enter. Tons of blurred nudity. Cara, one of Diana's models, doesn't want to wear any of the outfits because she finds it "inappropriate." Diana seems flummoxed. She interviews flatly that she feels that a model's job is to achieve different looks, and if you don't want to do that, you shouldn't be a model. Or you possibly should read your contract or ask some questions before you agree to appear on a TV show where you're going to be wearing a lot of different clothes; it's not farfetched to assume that someone might expect you at some point to wear something revealing. Cara is Marla's model, and Marla tells Diana that she has had problems with her before. She's just generally a little picky. Diana concludes with a smile, "I don't want to work with someone so disagreeable."

Meanwhile, Andrae is pinning Danyelle into her garment and tells her that it's "so nice" working with her. Daniel V. interviews that all of their models have great bodies and great walks. I'm about to start putting quotation marks around the word "walk." I know their walking is important, but it just seems absurd to talk about it like that. Christ, though, Danyelle has some mighty abs.

In the make-up room, Santino tells the artists that he wants his models to look like "deers [sic] in the face." They end up looking more like Cats, but it's a kind of rad concept. He even requests antlers for one girl.

As Daniel Franco is getting a blow-dry (for real), Chloe says that their collection is strong -- thanks to her and Kara's sewing. Chloe tells him that working with him is a nightmare, and Daniel reverts to his Season 1 bullshit and says something about "it's the passion that counts."

We see more interaction between Cara and Diana. Cara is saying something about how she's not going to be comfortable if her chest is completely uncovered. She's annoying. Dude, Heidi freaking Klum Seal is the host of this show. When the fuck has she ever been completely dressed when she was modeling? What did you expect? Dr. Zhivago? Diana interviews that they had to make this "giant bun" for Cara's bust. Diana feels like it detracts from her design. Nick interviews that, though his group might look weak, he feels that Diana's looks weaker. Tim stops everyone. Commercials.

Heidi welcomes everyone to the runway. She introduces the judges. They are Nina Garcia, Cynthia Rowley (who's filling in for Michael Kors…?), and Heidi's "fellow Victoria Secret Angel" Alessandra Ambrosio.

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