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At Parsons, Heidi greets our final six designers. She tells them that they should be proud of themselves. Then, she asks why no one is smiling. Aren't they happy? Stanley points to the smile on his face. That doesn't happen a lot. Patricia says that she's feeling pressure to show why she is still on the show. Heidi says that the next challenge will give them the freedom to show how creative they really are. Tim is waiting for them at a prestigious museum! Stanley interviews that he imagines this might be some sort of avant garde challenge. Heidi, who I guess maybe you heard was like a hero and saved her entire family and staff from the surf in Hawaii- looking SMASHING the entire time, bids them adieu and leaves the runway because she has more lives to save.

It's the Guggenheim! Patricia employs all of her senses for this challenge. She says that the Guggenheim is music to her ears and she's going to breathe in the moment. I bet she's so excited she can almost taste it! Feel the magic! Can she even believe her eyes? Tim is waiting for them on the ground floor of the awesome spiraled structure. Richard interviews that he wants to absorb this entire opportunity. Tim greets them and we hear words from Daniel about how he is so excited to be in the museum. Jesus, we get it guys. It's a pretty building. Get over it.

Tim tells them that the judges have restructured their teams again and we see a little flashback of the judges talking. There's some sort of cheesecloth filter over the camera so that we know that this happened in the past. Thanks for that. Nina says that she thinks it would be interesting to see Stanley and Michelle work together and Heidi agrees. She thinks that Stanley's chic and Michelle's cool might click. Stanley is excited when he hears that he is working with Michelle because she is the only person the competition he has yet to work with. They actually seem like they could be a very good team. Nina thinks that Richard and Patricia would make a good team because Richard is commercial and Patricia is conceptual. She thinks they could push each other. Richard says that Patricia is very eccentric, but since this challenge is supposed to be about creativity, he's excited to see what she has in store.

That leaves us with Daniel and Layana. Heidi thinks that Layana will bring some cool to Daniel while he might give her a little sophistication. She thinks that it could be a real winning team. I do not agree. I feel like of the teams are going to be mostly a nightmare from this point on and I'm just ready to live with that. Are the final collections going to be team projects? What if the winning prize meant you had to work with your teammate after the competition? That would be exciting and cruel. Layana is such an asshole. She says that she is not happy that Daniel is her teammate, though she likes him as a person, because she feels like it is "his time to go." There's just something so clueless about her. She has a "feeling" that it's his time to go. As if this were all just some sort of popularity contest. Does she remember that she faltered somewhat in the last challenge? Meanwhile, Daniel seemed to learn a little something, though Heidi seemed to really hate his look. I just feel like she's too old to affect this little girl thing.

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