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Michelle and Stanley are inspired by a lot of the work. They seem to be speaking the same language. They are going to work together to make this giant coat and a vase-like dress. They are really working together well. Patricia finds a painting with a lot of geometric shapes that she likes a lot. Patricia is going to make the art piece, while Richard is doing ready-to-wear. He can't seem to tell Patricia what he's planning on doing though. She thinks that he's lost in a modern art setting.

Back at the workroom, there are desktops set up at their work stations. Tim comes in and explains that the textiles they are about to design will show up the next day. Also, there are lots of art supplies there to help them with their wearable art. Additionally, they will go to Mood to shop for supplementary fabrics. Stanley and Michelle create this face in green that looks like it's screaming. Michelle interviews that it's reflecting her mood. Of course it is. Because, she's that exciting and artistic. Patricia and Richard are making a textile with a lot of triangles. Patricia interviews that it would take four or more days to hand create the work that they are doing right now on a computer. Daniel and Layana finally figure out a geometrical pattern that they both like.

Next, they go to Mood. Richard says that he really wants to impress the judges for this challenge. He has decided that he will not be using any jersey knits. He's not even going down that aisle. Patricia is going for something bulb-like with her art piece. I'm not sure I understand it yet. Layana tells Daniel that she is thinking of wool fabric. She interviews that Daniel has had problems making his looks sexy, so she is going to keep an eye on both looks. She says that doing double duty scares her. Stanley and Michelle are looking for a waterproof fabric because Michelle is going to be painting on her dress. That sounds cool. Richard is looking for some fake plastic crystals and Patricia stops him because she thinks that sounds gaudy. He interviews that he's not trying to make his girl look crazy. Daniel is feeling confident. He says that he is making a very structured jacket with leather sleeves. I never really know with him until it's made.

Back at the workroom, Michelle says that she can feel the tension in the workroom. Tim comes in to tell the designers that the winner of the challenge will win a ten thousand dollar cash prize. Well, that's nice. Richard says that he would lose his mind if he wins. Tim leaves and the designers get to work. Michelle says aloud that she is ready to make some art. She interviews that she and Stanley are working together very well. They haven't had any moments where they needed to discuss what direction they were going in because things have just worked naturally. Richard is having a hard time understanding Patricia's concept. He says that their aesthetics are like oil and water. I feel like he's spending too much time trying to figure out how to gel with her. Just make something. He tells her that he's scared because he doesn't understand anything that she's talking about. She interviews that he's glad it scared him because at least he felt something. Whoa there. I don't think we're thinking of the same kind of fear. He's not describing a visceral fear from seeing this evocative piece that you created. He's scared for his position in the competition because he's afraid your team might lose. That said, he still doesn't have any idea what he's doing yet.

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