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Tim comes in for his consultation and starts with Stanley and Michelle. He tells Michelle that he has chills after seeing her long painted train, which seems to excite her. I really don't know why I can't stand her, other than her being nasty about everyone. She is obviously talented. Stanley explains his '50s-style silhouette and Layana inserts herself via interview (I know it wasn't her choice to be placed there but it seems like her style) that Stanley is "strong" but his design is "so predictable." I just think she's a moron and should concentrate on her own stuff. She obviously has so much more to say about everyone else's work than her own. Why? Because she doesn't have anything. Tim says that he is a total believer in the Stanley/Michelle project.

Tim doesn't seem to get Patricia's design, mostly because she doesn't know how to explain it. She interviews that no one really gets her, but I don't think that's the problem. Girl needs to learn how to talk about her product. Tim gets even more freaked out when he talks to Richard, because he has nothing done. Tim is seriously apoplectic. He feels like maybe Richard is waiting for Patricia to fail so he can blame her. He insists that he isn't doing that. You know though, he is really acting weird. I'm not sure what is exactly going on with him, but he's not coming from a productive place.

Tim makes his way over to Layana and Daniel. Daniel explains his jacket and skirt and Tim says that he understands the jacket. Stanley interviews that Daniel needs to make sure that he isn't a one-trick pony. How many of them are good at making great jackets though? Do we have too many people who are making great jackets for women? Shut up everybody. Then, Tim looks at Layana's look and asks her what she's trying to do. She says that she was trying to not be too literal re: the cylindrical quality of the Guggenheim. Tim doesn't buy it. He tells her that it's not nearly creative enough, especially compared to everyone else in the room. Daniel offers that he and Layana have been working very well together, but Tim reminds Daniel that he has let Layana make an essentially very boring look happen. Oh, also, Layana cries about how she has been second-guessing herself. Poor thing. I wish she would break her face. Yes, I said it. I don't think there's any coming back for her. She's so dead to me.

So, Layana keeps on crying and Daniel cheers her up. She doesn't give him any credit, but that is no surprise. Seriously, how was he ever supposed to influence her design-wise? She already thinks that she knows everything! Anyway, she thinks that she gets it now.

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