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Afterwards, Heidi says that the show was amazing and she loved it. I'm not sure it was that great. The models return to the stage. Michelle says that she got a chance to make an over-the-top coat. Stanley takes credit for the idea of the bubble wrap. The judges love the print. Nina thinks that it's perfection. She says that word. Rachel says that the taste level of their team is the utmost. Nina asks who did what and it's interesting to see them parse out their duties.

Patricia says that she was trying to make a print with tribal colors. Nina can see what Richard was going for with the pleats in his skirt, but it looks like he struggled with the fabric. Nina kind of likes Patricia's dress, but she's not a fan of the presentation. Heidi loves Patricia's look, but she doesn't like Richard's.

Layana tells the judges that she was feeling really dark until Daniel and Tim told her to do what was comfortable to her, which is when she started having fun with her look. Daniel says that he was inspired by a sculpture and Layana told him to push the sexiness in his look, which he did. Heidi's says that Daniel's look is her favorite. Nina thinks that it looks great. Rachel thinks that he cut the blazer perfectly. Nina tells Layana that she could see that she struggled with her look. There's too much going on and it looks period. Tracy thinks that Layana's look is very Eliza Doolittle, which is amazing. Rachael thinks that it's Barbie meets Scarlett O'Hara. Heh. Heidi asks who should win from their team and Daniel thinks it should be him. Layana says that she doesn't think that his look would have been as successful without her there.

The designers go backstage while the judges confer. Backstage, it gets crazy. Layana starts bawling and says to Daniel that she can't believe he took credit for the garment that he made when she was just as responsible for it. He reminds her that he gave her lots of credit onstage but she doesn't fucking get it. Where's a falling chandelier when you need one? Is she KIDDING? Didn't she hear the judges talk about how immaculately the freaking jacket was cut? That doesn't belong to her. She didn't make the outfit, she consulted. He reminds her that she took credit for the avant-garde look and she says that was hers. So, she made both looks? He actually asks this and much credit to him for not just folding to some stupid crying girl. "Daniel, I feel so betrayed by you," she cries then gets held by Michelle as if she actually has a reason to cry. I don't know if I can handle her anymore.

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