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The Art Of Fashion

Michael thinks that Sweet P's dress is wearable and flattering, but not dramatic enough. Cavalli thinks that the peacock tail is so fantastic, and she should have done much more with it. Michael says that he knows Sweet P can make wearable, commercial clothing. He needs to see the next thing.

Rami talks a bunch of crap about how he loves draping and that he chose something that had an ease to it. He insists again that he's very passionate about draping. Cavalli says that his dress is "too normal." He says that Rami is there to show what he can do. Rami repeats that he's passionate about draping, which sounds more ridiculous every time I hear it. He adds that bit that he said to Tim about the challenge being presented to him, as if they forced him to choose the Greek statue. Rami, they were also choosing that room for the other designers. And you had the option of choosing anything else from the tons of works of art you guys saw. Just because they offered your crutch as an option doesn't mean you should have chosen it and that it wasn't your responsibility to stretch yourself. Rami says that sometimes an idea can be interesting without hitting you over the head. Michael says that he knows Rami is talented, but he expected more from him. He says Rami makes dresses that many women would like to wear -- Heidi pipes in to say that she likes it -- but it was very predictable that he would choose draping. Heidi says that they always know that his dresses will be beautiful...and Grecian drapery. He asks why that's negative and Nina says that it isn't, but she wants to see if he can do more. He forces a smile and says, "Okay."

The designers and models leave the runway so the judges can chat. Cavalli says he loved Jillian's jacket. Nina repeats that she is surprised by Jillian. Heidi feels that Jillian is ballsy. Cavalli says that Christian is "a talent." Michael says that Christian understands how to make clothes that are emotional during a fashion show, but can also be taken apart and made into practical pieces for consumers. Nina says simply that he delivered. Cavalli says that he doesn't have much to say about Sweet P's dress. Michael and Nina agree that Sweet P has a more commercial vision, which is fine. "But that doesn't make for fashion," says Michael. We see a shot of sad sitting duck Sweet P backstage. They agree that Chris made a wrong choice in duplicating his dress, but it did look like a couture dress. Cavalli gives it his highest vote. He saw art in the dress. Nina thinks he was playing it safe, but he has "drama in his blood." Michael says that he's a showman and Nina agrees. Even if it's not her taste, they know Chris will put on a show. Nina says that Rami is a good technical designer and Cavalli agrees, but he doesn’t want to take any risks. Nina thinks you can't get ahead as a designer without taking risks. Nina wants him to show more. Michael thinks that Rami is in fact passionate about fashion.

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