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The Art Of Fashion

The designers return to the stage. Commercials. And 72% of voters think Rami should lay off of the draping. Yay! We're back. Christian wins the challenge, which means he's going to Fashion Week. Jillian is in -- she's going to Fashion Week too!! She thanks everyone and says that she has learned a lot. Sweet P is out. Heidi says that they believe in her talent, and they hate to see her go. She goes backstage and gets a hug from Jillian. She cries in her interview and says that she knows that what should happen will happen, but she's sad right now. This must totally suck for her right now.

Onstage, Rami is told that he is consistent but safe. Heidi says they question if he could bring anything new to Fashion Week. He looks a little pissed right there. She tells Chris that they know he'll bring the drama, but they were disappointed that he didn't do something new. Chris is in. Rami is in too! Chris starts crying, I guess. It's a little hard to tell. They are both getting a chance to work on their collections. The judges will look at their three strongest looks and one of them will be chosen to show in Fashion Week. What a mind fuck. Rami says that he will create a strong collection. Chris interviews that he won't disappoint them. Sweet P congratulates everyone and Rami hugs her. Tim consoles Sweet P and she says the other designers deserve their victory. In the last of her interview, she says that she really wanted to go to Bryant Park. Wow, that really sucks. But, we'll see her next week at the Reunion!!!!

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