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Jillian says that they were speculating where they would be going "east of Madison that was worth visiting." I can't tell if she's being facetious or not; 5th Avenue is one block west of Madison. The mannequins are like, "Wonder Mannequins Power, ACTIVATE! Shape of...a COMPASS!" Maybe her speculation is just an entirely different research project that she decided to discuss right now.

Here we are, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tim is waiting for the designers on its magnificent front steps. Rami interviews that he has never been to the Met before, so being there was "quite exciting." One mannequin says, "I'm sorry, I fell asleep. Did Rami say he was excited?" The other is like, "Maybe I'm not understanding. Did something change? Does 'excited' mean totally over-serious and humorless and bored? We really need to get out more. The language is changing and we're sitting here...naked."

Tim welcomes them and says that the Met is one of the "premier arts and cultural institutions in the world." He leads them inside to tell them about their next challenge. When they walk in, the first thing Rami notices is that it's huge. Chris interviews that it was a great privilege to be in the final five of the competition, in the Met, with no one else there. Jillian interviews that there is "nothing more phenomenal and inspiring in this country" (at least east of Madison) than the Met.

Tim leads the designers to a room with a bunch of Greek and Roman statues. He begins the description of the challenge. He says that "throughout time" art has been an inspiration for fashion. Their challenge will be to choose a work of art to serve as inspiration for a runway look that they will create. Rami says that he is "extremely happy." The mannequins are like, "Seriously, it's not even the same language anymore." Jillian says that the challenge is amazing and all that any of them could ask for. It's nice to see them inspired this far into the journey.

Because the Met is so huge, they've narrowed down the areas where the designers will look for their inspiration. First is the Greek and Roman sculpture courtyard, where they are. Also, they have access to the European painting wing and the Temple of Dandur. They will have 45 minutes to look for inspiration and Tim has digital cameras for all of them.

The countdown begins, and Rami is already where he wants to be, the Greek and Roman stuff with tons of draping. Chris interviews that there is no way that Rami won't be using something from the sculpture courtyard. Rami says that the statue of Aphrodite was like a "soul mate situation" for him. He felt like he instantly met his match.

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