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The Art Of Fashion

Christian interviews that his style has a very European, classic look to it. He tells us that he moved to London after graduating from high school and stayed there for three years. That would bring us up to right about now, wouldn't it? He worked for Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood (which seems so completely perfect, doesn't it?), and he feels like working for them has been his biggest influence. He says that, though he is the youngest of the designers, he feels that he has the most cohesive aesthetic. We see him modeling a short black jacket that he has created, and Sweet P loves it.

Tim comes in and asks where Chris is. When they tell him, Tim says that no one is finished yet. He goes to find Chris and wakes him up. They argue about whether or not Chris could be finished yet. Chris insists he is and that it's "wow-able," but Tim asks that he at least show it to him. In the workroom, Tim says that he doesn't think Chris's gown is refined enough. Chris says that he wouldn't add anything to it and says that it's made to fit his model, not the dress form. Tim walks away and says that he is worried.

Tim likes Christian's look. Christian says that the blouse looks great on him, and they laugh and laugh. Tim feels that this little poncho element of the look might be extraneous. Christian says that all of his pieces can be work individually. Tim is just worried since it's the last challenge. "I know, lady," replies Christian. Lordy.

Tim isn't seeing the peacocks in Sweet P's design. There's nothing feathery about her design and it's not exuberant. He tells her to make it work, but it doesn't seem like that's going to help very much at this point.

Jillian tells Tim that she's doing well. As she's describing her jacket to him, he says it's gorgeous. She says that she's worried about finishing.

Tim tells Rami that his dress is stunning. Rami says, "It's what I do." That sounds so moist and gross. Tim asks if he can be honest and tells Rami that he thinks Nina might say that she has seen this dress before. Rami smiles this really fake grin and says that the show presented him with the challenge and he had to take the Grecian draping. You didn't actually have to. I don't think anyone's expecting him to not drape ever again, but his vision is so limited. He could have at least applied his "passion" for draping to one of the other periods. It's just so obvious and literal of him to choose Grecian draping. Tim says that it needs to be fresh. Rami interviews that he's trying to stay true to himself.

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