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The Art Of Fashion

Sweet P is at a standstill without Lea, and finally she arrives. We see her getting fitted and damn that girl is skinny. Sweet P says that she is overwhelmed. She has a lot of work to complete and is worried that she is going to get eliminated.

The next morning, we see a shot of studly, towel-wrapped Rami. Christian is flat-ironing his hair and trying to make it extra fierce for this, the last of the runway challenges. We see Rami grooming his weird little beard. Chris says that no one on the show this season "absolutely hated each other." Christian responds, "Who didn't hate each other? I sure did. I mean damn. Every five minutes I was ready to cut somebody."

At the workroom, Sweet P jets to finish sewing. Jillian says that she's worried because the bottom of her dress is not finished yet. She says that she doesn't want to go back to working in a cubicle attempting to realize someone else's vision. Shit, that is sad.

Tim comes in and tells everyone it's "Make It Work!" time. He tells them to blow the judges' socks off, then he sends in their models. Lea "sends" Sweet P confidence and peace, which normally I would find pretty stupid, but it actually seemed really sweet. Jillian comments that Christian has made a full collection of work for the challenge and she's not sure she really likes the outcome. She finds all of it a little "marshmallowy." Chris says that he is happy with his dress and, if this is the challenge where he gets eliminated (again), he will be content that he presented something that he believed in. He says that showing at Bryant Park would be like winning the lottery-- so he doesn't count on it. But, he doesn't count it out either.

L'Oreal gets an even bigger plug than usual this week. We see a lot of the hair and make-up happening. Christian says that he wants to see "brow for days." Christian hugs the Tresemme guy when he's done. Jillian is scrambling to finish and the steamer stops working when she needs it. She is trying to even out the hem on the dress and barks at Lauren to stay still. Then, she finds a steamer that works and shoots hot steam onto poor Lauren's ass.

Rami tries to show his model how to walk. Chris says that he can't imagine why Rami would make another dress like this. He thinks the judges are going to eat him alive. Jillian is not happy with the bottom of her dress. She says that she will be really disappointed if she doesn't make it to Bryant Park because she has worked her ass off and she deserves it.

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