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The Art Of Fashion

Up last is Jillian's outfit. It's a long-sleeved militaristic black jacket. It's closed and ends halfway over Lauren's bottom. There's a short metallic skirt peeking out below the jacket. The jacket has a high collar and light-colored piping that compliments her bust. At the end of the runway, Lauren unbuttons the jacket and reveals a full dress beneath the jacket. It's dazzling. It's a simple dress with a plunging neckline that is belted with a thin metallic rope. There is tons of pleating in the dress, and it's gorgeous and surprising. I just did not expect that dress to be underneath that jacket. I know Christian's a genius and all, but I think Jillian is fucking rad. Jillian says that she's happy with the design and doesn't see any of the imperfections that she was worrying about earlier.

The models return to the stage with the designers. Christian explains that he likes to play with masculine and feminine. He also says that he tried to create as many pieces as he could that could be worn separately. Cavalli says that he loves the design because he knows how much love goes into creating a look like that. He started appreciating the details of the shirt when Christian removed the jacket. Nina says that he really thinks about the show, but he is also practical. Michael thinks it's "super, super, super chic." Christian is really happy to hear this.

Chris explains that he wanted to do a modern couture of version of the French noblewoman. Cavalli says that Chris is the most artistic of all of them. Chris seems floored to get the compliment and like he might cry. Christian glares at another person getting a kudo. He wants them all, okay?! Cavalli says that he could see Chris showing in Paris for haute couture, and Chris says that's what he loves. Michael says that Chris certainly understands drama, but he points out that the dress is reminiscent of the earlier gown. Heidi concurs and says that it's hard to recognize how beautiful the dress is when you've already seen it before. Chris says that the shoulder-piece was his interpretation of the pewter colored neckpiece in the painting. Nina says that, without the shoulder-piece, the dress would still have been beautiful. She says that Chris has other tricks and she wanted to see them.

Jillian says that she thought she could give a very modern interpretation of the painting she chose as her inspiration, and Nina says she loves the interpretation. She says that Jillian is always surprising her and that's a good thing. Cavalli loves the details and says he would love to have Jillian on his staff. She says that would be an honor, but is probably thinking, "I just said I wasn't going to work on anyone else's vision! Do you even watch the show?" Heidi loses her words for a moment and just utters a series of "Wow!" "Woo Hoo!" and "Woo!" Michael says that he can see she was inspired by the painting, but he doesn't feel that Jillian made anything costume-y. The dress is very flattering.

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