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A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

Runway time. Heidi greets the designers. Zanna Roberts Rassi is sitting in for Nina. She's Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire. That name is special, huh? Kenneth Cole is the guest judge! The kids are sitting with the designers and Skyy is excited to see Kenneth Cole. Cute. The show begins.

Kimberly's look is first. It's a short dress in pleather, with feathers on top of it. There's an asymmetrical ruffled skirt over a tighter skirt. The coolest part is the pleather skull cap on the model. I guess this qualifies, though the fabric looks pretty cheap. Also, the painting was of a bird and this shit is literal.

Here's Becky's look. The painting is outer space and dress black gown with square rosette-like pieces of interest in green and black. I mean, it's not crazy bad, but it feels like a costume on a children's show. The bottom part which is an asymmetrical hem that goes from short skirt to floor length is the worst part to me because it's just flat and bland and cheap. Becky's partner loves it.

Here's Olivier's look. It's a mess. It's this Grecian thing that's barely put together. I'm just not entirely sure what he was thinking. The colors aren't bad, but the construction is really very bad.

Now Josh M.'s look is up. He has created this circle skirt, that is cinched at the waist and falls out, with a voluminous fire-colored top. It looks kind of like an angora sweater worn backwards, but kinda in a good way. The sleeves end at three-quarters and brown cuffs continue from there downward. The back plunges and it's pretty cute.

Here's Bert. Super high-waisted pants with a lot of volume above the knee, coupled with a strapless bodice. There are little 3-D geometrical shapes scattered on the garment. It's weird and I like it. Like Viktor said, it's fun to look at. Also, there's pleating in the pants that looks really elegant. You see Bert's delicate sensibility inside this weird design. It's really cool. Hate the stupid shapes though. Also, LITERAL.

Here's Viktor's look. It appears that someone used my dream catcher idea after all, but like a really small one. And, the girl is wearing it. It's a dress of white and blue shredded fabric that has rope wrapped around the bodice and the arm that isn't exposed. This is gross to me. The model is super thin and the rope effect makes her look kind of like sausage. Skyy loves it.

Here's Laura's look. It's a shimmery gown that is beautiful and not one bit avant-garde. Beautiful though.

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