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A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

Bert is working with Antonio on a rather abstract, geometrical painting. Bert is very excited about it. Bert asks him if he's been to the Guggenheim. He hasn't and Bert prods him to go. Are we all back on Bert's side yet? I'm feeling that maybe we are and mostly because, though his behavior during the last challenge was pretty heinous, it came from a pure place instead of the Josh M. Grandstanding On Television method of confrontation. Josh C. and his girl student are painting a wolf. He says that, since this is his first challenge post-return where he really has to prove himself, he's feeling a lot of pressure. You can really tell. He seems sort of collapsed in on himself in his interview, like acid reflux or something has claimed several of his internal organs. Josh's girl is so cute. She says that she's going to cry anytime a judge says something negative about the work they're making together. Becky's girl sort of has to explain that their painting is outer spacey. Olivier's partner, Tonyalee, asks him if he listens to music while he works. He does. He likes really depressing music and you see a light bulb go off in Tonyalee's head. The baton has been passed. It's easy to not realize when you're young and learning to be badass that you're supposed to listen to depressing music. Sometimes you really just have to be told.

Josh M. sounds like an idiot as he describes the work that he's making with his young student partner. "It looks like the earth is crying in to itself." No, that was us -- the people that heard you say that. Laura tells her girl, Kai, about the problems that her team had during the last challenge. Also, she admits that she got her first negative feedback of the competition. Kai starts to glow, so that everything around her grows dark. Then, she whispers, "Every failure is an opportunity in disguise." Then, a lightning bolt flies out of her chest and throws Laura across the room. Laura disentangles herself from the mannequins she just knocked down like bowling pins. They are pissed. She tells us that Kai is a little Dalai Lama. She tells Kai that she's going to call her when she's upset. Anthony and his girl made self-portraits that he found empowering. He says that he could use some empowering right about now.

Tim calls time with the art work and all of the designers seem earnestly psyched about what they've created. Yeah, you know what? These kids all seem pretty freaking talented. They are doing this correct up in Harlem! The kids leave and the designers have 30 minutes to sketch. Viktor says that he's never having kids and everyone laughs. Bert is excited to try a different silhouette. Olivier tells us that, when he started the competition, he was in a good place. However, he has gradually lost his way and is feeling very confused. That's sad. I wonder if it was the fall on the track that started all of this. It's a shame Kai wasn't his art partner. She'd know what to do. Josh M. isn't sure what to make because his painting is of a tree and it's organic and he likes things that are fake. He says this and it's kind of funny. You know though, I'm just sort of over this nozzle. Anthony says that he's going to make a nude dress with appliques that will resemble brush strokes. Josh C. is trying to work to make something that's not too literal.

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