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Tim takes the designers to Mood for their textile needs. He reminds them that they only have a hundred clams to make or break their designs. I know the Mood budgetary and time restrictions are supposed to be another level of the challenge, but I think they are kind of ridiculous. There are far more interesting ways to challenge the designers then by rearranging the charmeuse and swapping the denim with the taffeta each episode. Why not, say, tie their hands behind their backs and force them to sew with their mouths?! Now, THAT would be a challenge. Anyway, Logan has decided to take the zipper from his original look and stick it in a room with some candles, a nice vintage of Colt 45, and the smooth tones of Marvin Gaye and just let that zipper procreate so he can make a dress out of nothing but zippers. Christopher has opted away from the sundries (a choice I firmly support) and instead is listening to the voices in his head that are telling him to switch it up. He picks an identical fabric to his original dress, but switches it up by buying it in... silvery white. Dream big! He buys 30 yards. Which would be sheer madness, except the fabric is opaque. Irina has stumbled on a brocade so lovely that any remaining scraps should definitely be used to re-upholster the couch. Carol Hannah is having a fashion brain fart, luckily Tim is there to offer a cool guiding hand to help her see the light. He points out that making pants when she is only comfortable making dresses would probably be a bad choice. While Tim hasn't had the best track record this season as far as doling out the advice (*cough* shirt dress *cough*), Carol Hannah knows he is right. She's making a dress, suck it, trousers!

Back at the workroom, the designers start to craft their outfits. Irina describes her new outfit as being about work while her old outfit was designed for a battered woman in Aspen sipping champagne and hiding her bruises under a giant cowl neck sweater. Or something like that. Althea and Irina are almost friendly, although if I were Althea I would take Irina's advice with a whole handful of salt (and I'd have bigger hair). Logan points out that Malvin (oh, remember Malvin? I wish he was still around) made jodhpurs and got sent home for his efforts. Althea glares at Logan for pointing that out and Logan retreats to his work station muttering about needing more testosterone and OH MY GOD how did I not know he was completely bow legged? He must have some big cojones to walk that wide a stance. Gordana thinks that the energy in the room has really changed and is filled with nervous energy instead of the tomfoolery and shenanigans that so irritated Irina last week. THE DARKNESS IS WINNING. The six designers all work feverishly in their efforts to make it to Bryant Park. I guess when they moved the show to LA they did make it a lot harder to get to Bryant Park, at least mileage-wise.

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