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Tim comes to check on the designers' progress (it's like Pilgrim's Progress with Bryant Park standing in for Heaven). Carol Hannah is up first and she is the first to admit that her outfit is a big ugly mess. Tim does not disagree, but with his trained eye for design he gives Carol Hannah a big pointer about layering the green under the black and she is off running in her new direction. Okay, it sounds stupid when you write it down, but I swear, it was a HUGE tip and the camera kept cutting to Irina like she was about to get all Brooklyn (Brighton Beach, not Williamsburg) on Tim for giving Carol Hannah such big advice. Irina explains her last minute change of heart from skirt and jacket to mini dress and oversized sweater. Tim thinks the brocade fabric and the oversized sweater are unexpected. In a good way. He seems a little reserved, but probably because he is scared of Irina. Christopher is not so lucky. Tim thinks Christopher's winning dress was youthful, vibrant, and sexy, and the new gown Christopher is working on looks like her mother's dress. Christopher doesn't seem to think that dressing someone's mother is a bad thing. I mean, Michael Kors has built a brand on it. Tim thinks he has a lot of work and not much time ahead of him. Althea is next and she is looking forward to her model fitting, because she needs to make sure the proportions work on her model. Tim thinks she needs to worry a little more about the fact that her pants look like something baby MC Hammer would have worn and that she should scour the Macy's accessory wall for some Pampers. No, really, he thinks her pants look like they are ready for a diaper. She doesn't even blink at that harshness but swears she has faith in her pants. Tim agrees her sketch is good, but she has to execute it well. If she does, she could have a winner. Logan's look has Tim excited. He has made a collar out of some of his 400 zippers and both he and Tim really like it. Althea, however, is not a fan. She thinks that when she did the same collar last week it looked better. She is annoyed that Logan would be "inspired" by her collar to such an extent, but whatever. She'll just wait until it is dark out and he is sleeping and then she will send her hair over to kill him. Gordana is the last stop for Tim and her jacket and skirt are not inspiring Tim at all. Gordana, showing the perseverance and determination of her forebears in fighting potato blight and genocide equally, loves the look and is pushing forward despite Tim's concerns that the seams look sloppy and unfinished. Meanwhile, Althea, who swears she is totally fine with it, is cupcaking with Irina about how Logan totally stole her look. She pretends she is going to confront him on borrowing her collar. Like she wouldn't just crumple in front of his awesomeness. And, I hate to be the one to tell you this Irina, but fashion is almost all about "borrowing". You see something from one designer or an era and reinterpret it and make it your own. That is fashion. You get inspired by what's around you and remake it. I mean, yes, it might be annoying when the guy in the cubicle next to you re-interprets it, but unless you can tell me that you have never looked at anyone's outfits, never glanced a fashion magazine, seen movie, or walked into a store, I won't believe you have never been influenced. Also, IRINA? You're kibbutzing with Irina? Oh Althea, you are innocent. Tim is excited about the looks he is seeing (except Christopher) and he sends in the models.

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