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The models swarm the work room and squeal in excitement about their latest looks. Irina entertains herself by mocking Christopher's dress. She thinks there is nothing to say about it except that it looks like one dress is throwing up another. Okay, she might be right. Althea continues her bitchfest, complaining to her model that Logan is stealing her ideas and shouldn't even be in the competition anymore because he's never even had a top three look. The model doesn't really care about Althea's naïve assertions or bitchy bitching. After the fitting, the challenged get back to their drudgery. Christopher is nervous because when he did his original look, it took him eight hours to melt the plastic flowers on to the dress. I still hate that dress. It looks like one of those craft projects from the '70s where you melt plastic into adorable poodle shapes or something. No like! Irina, with her superior time management skills, has a moment to relax and sneer at all the other designers' work. She thinks everyone is in trouble in this challenge except her. It is midnight and as the designers head home the last word out of Logan's mouth is: "What a nightmare." Uh oh, is Tim Riggins in trouble? Will Coach Taylor save him with a rousing half-time speech?

The next morning all the designers (except for Irina) are feeling the pressure. Carol Hannah still has to make a shirt, fix her skirt, adjust the straps and do hair and makeup, but she is driven by the power of Greyskull (mascara) and will finish it all. Irina does a good job pretending to play well with others, but you can tell she is just calculating and gathering intel on her competition. Christopher also has a lot of work to do and he and Logan and Carol Hannah all have the sewing machines racing the second they get in to the workroom. Althea is handstitching her sweater, but makes the time to help Gordana find a hook-and-eye closure. Irina, would only take the time to put a hook in an eye if it would eliminate a competitor. She interviews that she isn't here to make friends (we noticed, thanks) and pretty much always gets what she wants (scary!). Logan explains the origin of Irina's nickname Meana Irina. Its derivation is from the fact that it rhymes, and she is mean. He wishes the judges would pop her overblown ego like one of those pimple things he heard of somewhere. Two hours until the runway, Tim sends in the models for L'Orealing and Garniering. Althea's model loves Carol Hannah's dress (TRAITOR!), but Althea seriously has her bitch on this episode and can't help but point out that Carol Hannah always does dresses. Now, she, Althea and her wonder mullet, have cute dresses, but she (with the help of her locks of love) has also done pants and jackets. She is surprised that the judges have not come down on Carol Hannah for being a one trick pony. She, Althea, is a multi-trick pony and she expects full credit for that. Was Althea always this bitchy? Or is the peroxide slowly eating through her brain? Carol Hannah, oblivious to the one-woman bitch session taking place mere feet away from her, likes her dress. SHE IS SO STUPID! IT IS JUST A LITTLE DRESS. I WILL SQUASH IT LIKE A BUG. Oops sorry that was Althea's hair talking. I beat it into submission with a straightening iron. Suddenly it is only ten minutes until the runway. Everyone scurries into their outfits while the designers each take a moment to badmouth the competition. Logan thinks Gordana is taking the challenge too literally and to ill effect. Irina thinks it is hilarious that Althea is complaining about Logan stealing her collar, when it is obvious to the non-drunk, non-stupid people in the world that clearly Althea was inspired by Irina's Aspen sweater. And, now that we see Althea's finished look, Irina may have a point. There is definitely a similarity of style between the two looks. That is really funny. Time is up and Tim corrals everyone to the runway. It is show time!

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