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As there are only six designers left, all the models join their designers on the runway and the judges sneer at everyone. Christopher is first and he tries to explain what the hell he was thinking sending that dress down the runway. He explains that he totally thought the challenge was to create a wearable dust mop and he completely owned it. Nina thinks it is so bottom heavy that it looks like a parade float. Nick's mouth thinks it needed editing, but his eyes say DIE DIE DIE. Heidi thinks it looks like his model took the bedskirt with her when she got up this morning. Christopher nods eagerly like a puppy who keeps getting whacked on the nose but keeps hopping up looking for a treat. It's sad. I'll call the ASPCA to see if they can take him home. Irina fares much better under the judges' gaze. She wanted to create an evening look to accompany her Aspen outfit. Everyone thinks it is elegant and upscale. Everyone except Nina who thinks the tight brocade dress looks cheap. For that, Irina arranges a hit by calling her daddy who is in the Russian mob. You know it is true. Gordana wanted to make an elegant silhouette to pair with her last edgy look, but instead made a sad drab floppy uniform. Nick thinks it looks like an office worker in Poland, Nina thinks the collar and the darting and the length of the jacket are dated. Heidi stamps FAIL on Gordana's forehead and sends her backstage. Is it just me, or does it seem that Heidi saves her harshest words for Gordana? Is there some longstanding ethnic rivalry between Bosnians and Germans? Gordana lamely defends her look by bleating, "I like it. So... sorry." Which is a masterful piece of passive aggressiveness. Like how are the judges supposed to respond to that? Carol Hannah's dress is applauded for its lightness and simplicity. Logan explains that his look is the sportier side of his previous piece. He admits it is on the brink of costumey but he could totally see someone like Pink wearing it at the VMAs. Wow, what did Pink ever do to Logan to deserve that slur? At that thought, Nina makes a face like Heidi just laid a whiffer. Her face is so wrinkled in her obvious dislike for the look that Kerry starts giggling. Nina thinks it looks like student work because the ideas are there, but the look is so unflattering. Nick thinks it is simultaneously '80s and futuristic. So... extra points for time travel? Upon seeing Althea's look, Heidi utters her highest accolade, "I want it." Althea giggles in response. She loves the pants, loves the sweater. Heidi then asks the question that was obviously planted by the producers. She wants to know who had the overblown sweater idea first: Althea or Irina? Irina smirks appreciatively and Althea feigns ignorance. Irina takes the opportunity to point out that she did a big knit sweater look last week, so obviously she was first. Nick isn't really interested. He knows people influence each other when they are working next to each other. Althea lamely claims she came up with the idea independently, which is a defense to copying, but if you have easy access and exposure to the thing you are copying it loses viability. Not that fashion design is copyright protected, because it is not. You can go to Forever 21 and prove that to yourself. Irina continues trying to call Althea a copycat without flat out calling her a copycat, but the judges have moved on. Heidi loves Althea's look and Nina loves the proportion. Irina bites her tongue, but is still smirking. Heidi sends everyone off stage so they can talk about them in private.

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