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The designers return to the stage. Heidi tells Emilio that everyone loved his dress. He's going to Bryant Park. He fist pumps and leaves the stage. He interviews that he is "humbled," but needs to be victorious at Bryant Park before he can be truly happy. That's indeed very humble. "Home freaking run," he says to himself backstage. Heidi tells Seth Aaron that he's in as well! He almost starts crying. Then, he runs offstage and jumps on Emilio. He interviews that he is going to blow up the world with his genius collection.

Back onstage, Heidi reminds Anthony that he won some of the biggest challenges of the season. However, they think he needs to mature. He's out. He smiles graciously and gets his kisses. He thanks the judges for everything and leaves the stage. Heidi tells Mila that she has been impressive during the season, but her work today fells short. Heidi tells Jay that his look was made well, but was expected. Mila is in. She is thrilled. Jay is... in too! Mila is no longer as thrilled. They're both going to design collections, but only one of them will show at Fashion Week.

They go backstage and tell the others the results. Jay interviews that he has something to prove to the world. Tim comes in and says that, rather than be sad, it's a happy time for Anthony. He designed for a magazine cover and Jessica Alba! He is sent to clean up his space again. Anthony tells them to not disappoint him, then he's gone. Anthony tells us that we have not seen the last of him!

Jeff Long is a writer/actor in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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