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On to Mood, where Seth Aaron muses about being thisclose to Bryant Park. Emilio goes hunting for stripes. Tim tells Anthony to "turn up the volume." They really think Anthony isn't loud enough. Anthony interviews that he feels he is destined for Bryant Park, otherwise, he wouldn't be there. Hold off on that prediction, Anthony. It seriously looks like Mila won't get her shopping done.

They make it back to the workroom where Tim Gunn tells them that they'll have two days for the challenge. The cheer so loudly that Tim seems a little scared. Mila is excited for an extra day to work, as it allows her to up the level of difficulty in her design. Seth Aaron tells us that he loves his sketch. So, he plans on designing what is in his sketch. I'm not exactly sure why that's important to tell. Anthony notices that his color palette for this challenge is much different than the other designers. He hopes that his look will be good enough to get him to Bryant Park.

And, Emilio. Emilio, who is being treated to a late in the season villain edit. He says that this is the one challenge where everyone needs to put everything they've got on display. "Come hard or go home," he demands of himself and his fellow designers. Then, he says there are no second chances, which we all know from last week is not true. As he's working, he says that he came to this show with but one purpose, to win. And, he's not going to be shy about it. Mila, not looking up from her work, agrees with him that he's not shy. He asks her if she means something by that. She says with a smile that he frequently mentions that he came there to win. There's no better response than that. Just found a favorite Mila moment of the season, though I'm not entirely sure there were other contenders. Emilio laughs at her comment. Mila interviews that Emilio is quite confident because he has won so many challenges. Then, with Anthony listening, he says semi-under his breath that his look is going to be a showstopper. He adds that he would like for people to pee on themselves when they see his outfit. He should have his fashion show at a nursing home.

Mila says that Emilio's ego has gotten bigger and bigger with each of his challenge victories. He choo-choos and says that he's a train heading towards Bryant Park. Back to Mila, who says that all of the designers want to win and there's no cause to gloat. He says that he'd better be nice to Mila, so -- when he wins at Bryant Park -- she won't feel so bad. Thoughtful.

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