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Here is Emilio's look. It is a strapless dress that stops at the knee in front, but has a long train. The skirt is billowing and voluminous. The bodice is black with a swath of red patterned fabric at the waist. The skirt is black and white vertical stripes and there is a black lace trim with white polka dots. Emilio is extremely proud of this dress. He declares that it says everything that needs to be said about him as a designer. It's dramatic without being a costume, it's impeccably made and it fits like a glove. He doesn't believe that any of the other designers came close to touching the quality of his dress. It really is very pretty. I wasn't wild about it on first viewing, but, as time goes on, the craftsmanship is what really sticks out about it to me. It looks very well made. Still not nuts about the color palette, but it is beautifully made.

And, here's Seth Aaron's look. It's very mad hatter. Short jacket of white and black stripes. The sleeves come down to the models knees. The color is high and white. Like, really high. Around her ears high. She's wearing red leather pants that are very fitted. I think it's hideous, but, as Seth Aaron says, it represents him totally as a designer. I mean, it seems well made, but I just think it's so ugly. I mean, he really does make huge statements, but I just don't think I'm a fan of his style.

After the show, it's time to judge. The models return to the stage. Seth Aaron says that he designed from emotion. Heidi says that she liked it. Nina liked the drama and fantasy, but she thinks it's a costume. Cynthia like the gravity-defying qualities of the look. Michael doesn't like the fit of the pants and believes that the wearer of the pants would need a penis and testicles to fill it. Classy.

Anthony says that he was trying to stay away from costume. Nina thinks that it's very boring from the waist down. They all hate the fabric. In fact, Michael feels it with his hand and declares that it's polyester. POLYESTER?! No, Anthony. Heidi freaks out and feels the fabric too. Anthony didn't realize he chose polyester. Heidi says that his gown was three hundred dollars of polyester. Gah. Michael says his model is like a big blue condom. Again, all class. Anthony's all, "Damn, lesson learned."

Jay describes his look. Heidi asks him to take the jacket off of the girl, then points out that the look is not special without the jacket. I mean, I'm not trying to be obtuse here, but isn't that why he made the jacket? Nina says that it's beautifully made and she's a fan of the pants too.

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