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Mila says that she was inspired by the ringmaster's jacket. Michael thinks that it's dramatic without being a costume. Nina, however, says that she is not convinced. Cynthia jokes that she hates the color pink that Mila chose for the slacks. A joke because her own dress is the same shade of pink. She also feels that the collar is a bit much and she could have done without every part of the look having shine.

Emilio says that his dress is one large piece of fabric. Heidi thinks it's stunning. Cynthia says that it's genius. Michael says... that it's his favorite look of the season. Come on, can that really be a coincidence that Emilio verbalizes that he wanted to hear that and it's the first thing out of Michael's mouth?

Now, it's the tough part. Heidi asks Seth Aaron why he should go to Fashion Week. He says he's a good tailor with a strong point-of-view. She asks which two designers should accompany him to Fashion Week. He struggles and says with a lump in his throat, Emilio and Jay. Jay says he should go to Fashion Week because he has already gotten this far. Um, so has everyone with you. He says that he admires Seth Aaron's point-of-view, then he gets choked up and says that he wants to share this experience with Anthony. That's sweet. Mila says she is strong, thoughtful designer. She chooses Emilio and Seth Aaron as the people who should accompany her to Fashion Week. Emilio says the usual stuff about how he's a genius. He thinks that Seth Aaron, because of his sense of style, and Mila, because of her strong point-of-view, should come to Fashion Week. Anthony says that he makes beautiful clothes and needs to trust his viscera to make a good collection. He gets tearful and says that he would want to share the Fashion Week experience with Emilio and Jay.

Wow, that was tense. The designers leave the stage as the judges confer. Nina says that Emilio's gown was beautiful and Michael thought it was sophisticated. Heidi says that Seth Aaron's look was not as sophisticated, but he's innovative. They're curious to know what he would think up for Fashion Week.

Michael is disgusted at Anthony's fabric choice. Heidi points out that he doesn't have the technical skills that the others have, but he has made beautiful clothes. Michael agrees that he has talent. Michael thinks that Mila's clothes can seem flat. Cynthia didn't find it relevant. That's the absolute best way to describe it. Michael reminds them that her clothes are always beautifully made. Nina likes Jay. Heidi thinks that he's never 100%. Michael agrees and says that he likes Jay's taste, but isn't sure who he is as a designer. They've made their choice!

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