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Dirt, Air, Fire and Nice

The designers return to the stage. Seth Aaron is in. Jonathan is the winner! He thanks them, Roland in particular. He grabs Amy's hand before leaving the runway. He interviews that winning gave him the power to get to Bryant Park. Power meaning confidence. Maya is in, as is Mila. That leaves Amy and Ben. Heidi says that Ben's suit was an amateurish mess. They hated the pants and the shark teeth. She says that Amy's look was not beautiful or elegant. Amy Poor Ben. Amy hugs him and leaves the runway. Ben gets his kisses and thanks the judges for the opportunity. He gets very tearful backstage and tells everyone that he wishes them the best. He interviews that he wouldn't change a thing. Tim enters and says that he's sick that Ben has to leave. Ben says that fashion is a passion that you can't get rid of -- we haven't heard the last of him.

Jeff Long is a writer/actor in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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