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Why Buy the Potatoes When You Can Get the Sacks As a Cocktail Dress?

In the girls' apartment, Pamela tells us that she got a little emotional when she saw that Christiane was eliminated, however, she's happy that she made it to the next challenge. Anna says that she hopes the next challenge will be something very New York-y. Janeane's excited that they will be going to Mood today.

Back with the boys, Emilio is proving to be a bit of a morning bossy britches and tells Jesse to get his ass off the kitchen counter. Jesse explains that he has to finish his coffee, which really isn't a reason that you have to sit on the counter. Anyway, they all head to Parsons.

At the runway, Heidi greets the designers. She congratulates Emilio for winning the last challenge and having immunity for this one. She tells them that the next challenge is designed to find out what they are really made of. They are being sent on a field trip to a place that's "a little out there." Janeane interviews that Heidi is sneaky and tricky. She doesn't know if they are going to the moon or a Broadway show. The mannequins are like, "Yeah, it's one of those two things, Janeane." Heidi wishes them luck and leaves. Trailing behind her is her own voice saying, "There's question marks over everyone's heads."

Next, we're on a farm. The designers make their way down a path and Jonathan interviews that they came to a field where Tim Gunn was standing with all of the models and they were wearing potato sacks. This feels like a dream. Meaning, if you were going to dream that you were a designer on Project Runway this is what your brain would come up with. My dream would have something to do with lunch ladies and underwear, but it would still feel similar to this. The designers all giggle and walk through the dirt to reach Tim.

Once they reach him, Tim greets everyone. He welcomes them to Adma Farm, which is where we are. He reminds them of the saying, "She's so beautiful, she'd even look beautiful in a potato sack." Their challenge is to prove that -- they will have to create party-worthy looks out of potato sacks. Everyone laughs in a sort of WTF way. Ben interviews that his first thoughts were about what he would do and what he was allowed to do. Seth Aaron is psyched. He says that he likes the challenges to be weird and foreign. OK, I still don't like him but that's pretty game. Tim adds a glitch -- the models are their clients and they will be wearing the looks to a "special industry event." Who cares? Everything I read makes such a huge deal about how the judges don't know ANYTHING about what happens behind the scenes. Couldn't they just do what they wanted? They only ask the model if they like what was designed for them if it's ugly. Anna interviews that, since the model is the client, they will have "serious input" about the design. Horsefeathers. Wait, Tim's not done. The models will choose which designers they want to work with. Janeane explains why this is unsettling -- not only do they have to work with burlap, they have to be wanted. That's fairly concise, which I didn't think to expect from our resident melodramatist.

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