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Why Buy the Potatoes When You Can Get the Sacks As a Cocktail Dress?

Jay pulls a button from the lovely black velvet button bag. It's Kasey and she chooses Jay. He screams and cartwheels towards her in the plowed field. Tim makes a face with his tongue stuck out, because Jay has touched the dirt. Jesus, Emilio, Ben, Sophia, Seth Aaron, Maya, and Pamela (who promises her girl that she will make her hot) are chosen. Then, it's Alexis's turn. She chooses Anthony, who screams. You see, Alexis had been Mila's model. She has shaken the foundation of the competition. Nothing will ever be the same. Mila wonders if Alexis hated her design from the first challenge. Jesse and Jonathan are both chosen. Alison, who was Anthony's model, chooses Amy. Valeria, who was Amy's model, chooses Janeane, who is thrilled to not be the last chosen. That puts Mila with Lorena together. You know, Mila looks really bothered.

Tim explains to the designers that they will now be shopping for embellishments, at farm stands that have been stocked. They will have one day to finish the design. They start to shop with the models at their sides. Jonathan explains that it made the experience half consultation/half shopping expedition. Amy interviews that it is important for her to keep her own aesthetic. If a client has so many requests that she in effect designs the whole dress, that is a problem for Amy. Ping says that she wants to play with the texture of the potato sack. She thinks that she can make something simple and interesting. I'm sure it will be interesting. Mila tells us that she and Lorena have similar ideas. Well, that's great! Anthony tells us that he finds Alexis very "verbal." We see her talking a lot. He wants to make her happy without sacrificing his blah blah, you know.

The designers head back to Parsons and get to work. Maya says that the challenge is not working with burlap, because that's fairly easy. The difficulty lies in trying to make it look expensive, because no one wants to look like they are wearing burlap. That is true. Tim enters and reminds them that, though the models are the clients, they should stay true to themselves as designers. I'm tired of hearing that. Here's the only rule: Don't suck, ever. He insists that they make it work, then leaves.

Emilio interviews that he's glad that he has immunity for this challenge. Making a look that a girl is going to wear to an event where she needs to impress and using a fabric that is "as old as Moses" is not his idea of a breeze. Jesus tells us that his girl wants a "hoochie, sexy" dress. Apparently, Jesus will need to refine his taste for this challenge. He says that he's going to use lots of "detail" with ribbons and trim and stuff. Pamela is good at dyeing fabrics, so she thinks this challenge will be right up her alley. Ben tells us that he's going to create a skirt that will look like an upside-down tulip. That sounds cool.

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