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Why Buy the Potatoes When You Can Get the Sacks As a Cocktail Dress?

Mila is still obsessing about the model thing. She says she feels that it's important to make her client happy, ESPECIALLY now that she thinks her former model hated her design from the last challenge. She decides that she needs to talk about it to Anthony, but instead of sounding like she was a little bothered that her model dumped her, she sounds like she's saying that it is just RIDICULOUS anyone would choose Anthony over her. And, that's not what she was saying. But, we confuse our meaning when we jabber on. Anthony hears it as criticism. He says that he "left his feelings in Atlanta, Georgia." You know, I actually think I misplaced mine in Atlanta a few months ago. I hope there's a lost and found. He interviews that he understands that some people cannot be courteous during a competition, but Mila can kiss the asses of him and his entire family. Seriously though, she wasn't trying to say that.

Later, Emilio interviews that he believes a lot of designers won't have time to execute their visions for this challenge. Ping, who is using herself as a dress form again, reminds us that she works differently from the other designers. But, she was in the top 3 last time, so she feels encouraged. Anna grabbed a few potatoes when she was at the farm and is using them to create a print on her fabric. That's cool.

Tim returns. It's earlier than usual, but he wants to know what they are doing, perhaps to discourage anyone from the grand visions that Emilio was predicting. He starts with Pamela. He loves the ombre dyeing job that she did on her fabric. She tell him that she's creating a one-piece corset dress. Tim strongly believes that she should make it two pieces, in the interest of saving time. Also, a two-piece would be easier to fit to the model. She says that she has already completed the bodice as a one-piece and Tim says that she should stick with that if she's confident. He speaks with Mila next. She shows him this small metallic-looking treatment that she says will be on the front and back of the bodice. She explains that she will be incorporating tulle as well and Tim asks her why. The model wants it. Tim says to forget about it and she thanks him for saying that because she was looking for permission to toss the idea. I don't know about Mila and this double talk. Does Parsons offer a course in Saying What You Mean?

Tim talks to Jay who explains his complex schedule for dyeing and construction of his look. Tim seems fairly positive that Jay is not going to have enough time to complete all of his steps (the drying step in the dyeing process seems to be a long one), but Jay stands firm and doesn't seem nervous about it at all. Tim says that he is flabbergasted and leaves Jay alone. Ping tells Tim that she will be carving a necklace pattern into the fabric of her neckline, which Tim finds intriguing. Ping replies that she is always intriguing and we see Emilio roll his eyes. Ping describes her idea for a skirt (it's not on the dress form yet). Tim warns her that, if she makes it too short, the judges will be able to see up it. He tells her to avoid vulgarity as surrounding designers giggle. You know, Ping is from outer space, but she thinks creatively. I appreciate a nice fit as much as the next guy, but I don't want to watch a show about dressmakers. I want to see innovators.

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