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Why Buy the Potatoes When You Can Get the Sacks As a Cocktail Dress?

Amy tells Tim that she is worried about several panels of her skirt drying, but Tim likes what he sees so far. She tells him about her model's desires for the top of the dress, but Tim reminds her that, if the judges don't like what they see, they won't care if the model liked it or not. Jesus shows his design to Tim -- he's completely covering the burlap with ribbons. Tim reminds him that the challenge was to transform the burlap, not hide it. He tells him that, no pun intended, "You skirted the challenge." Oh Tim, you devil. Jesus interviews in complete gibberish that his dress will look good on the runway and he has "to be Jesus." I don't even know what these people are talking about sometimes.

Tim finishes and sends in the models for their fittings. Amy interviewed that, since she wasn't strictly listening to her model, it would be necessary for her own adjustments to blow her model away. Ping worries about covering her model's ass. Seth Aaron comments that, though Ping is very good at Asian-inflected design, her lack of construction experience worries him. Jesus tells us that his model is worried about the comments that Tim made, but he's confident that she will back him up on the runway. Anthony's model is asking for different embellishments and he's worried about it. Mila's model really likes her design, which hopefully calms the raging insecurity inside of her.

When the models are gone, the issue becomes the time. Jonathan interviews that, while he's doing fine with time, there are a lot of designers who are still waiting for dyed fabrics to dry. Cut to Jay, who is freaking out because part of his fabric dried into a navy blue color, which is not what he wanted. He's only half done at midnight, which of course worries him.

The next morning, Pamela tells us that she has a few things to finish on her design. She doesn't want to be one of those people who sews their models into their dresses. She's nervous. Jonathan can't decide between shoes and boots. This is riveting. Maya says to Mila that there's a part of her that wonders if she'll finish. Jay is freaked out at the amount of work he has left to finish.

At the workroom, everyone seems relatively calm. Janeane tells us that she is pressed for time, but is getting used to that feeling. While sewing she announces, "That coffee did not do its job." She seems like she's barely able to speak. I like this.

Tim enters and finds everyone working quietly. He tells them that he's about to send the models in and advises them to use the wall of accessories "VERY THOUGHTFULLY." I'm terrified. He demands that they make it work, then sends the models in. Pamela doesn't have anything for her girl to try on right now, but she doesn't seem worried since the muslin mock-up fit her perfectly. Ben tells us that his model fell in love with his design the moment she saw it, but she seems pretty blah to me. I'd hate to see what she looked like if she hated it. Anyway, Ben is really happy with his look. Amy says that things are really hectic for this challenge and she thinks that about half of the designers will have to sew their models into their dresses.

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