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Why Buy the Potatoes When You Can Get the Sacks As a Cocktail Dress?

Mila's dress is next. Wow. It's pretty cool. It's a cocktail dress with a plunging neckline. There are metallic panels running up the front and back of the dress, with gray on the sides. There is piping at the hips that gives a futuristic feel to the garment. She, of course, is very happy.

Now, we have Anna's dress. The potato print that she created resembles a marble pattern. The dress is a demure cocktail number with a 1930's feel. The straps are wide and the neckline is squared and comes to a point at her cleavage. There is silver trim on the outside of the sleeves and the inside of the neckline. The skirt falls to just above the knee and has ironed pleats. There is more silver trim at the waist. Anna is happy with the dress. She feels that she retained her vision while also collaborating successfully.

Jesse's look is next and it's a pantsuit. The top is a vest. The slacks are oddly high-waisted, in a mom jeans sort of way. There's pink tips on the vest and slacks. The pants are paired with riding boots, which is smart because they distract attention from the waist of the pants. Jesse says that his look is a mix of everything he likes to do, but I'm not sure I believe him.

Here's Seth Aaron's design. It resembles a pinafore. There are horizontal panels on the bodice and vertical panels on the skirt. At the neck, a hood is buttoned onto the dress, like straps. It's really cool. He feels that he was completely successful at making a potato sack beautiful.

Here is Amy's look. It is amazing. It is dyed into multiple shades of brown/yellow/potato sack. The skirt is in asymmetrical panels like petals. There is a wide waistband and halter straps start there. The top is a cowl neck that is freaking beautiful. I don't know how she did that with that fabric. The back is bare. Amy feels like she stayed true to herself and is very happy.

Next up is Jay's design. It's a dark cocktail dress with Dior-style frill for the skirt. It's really cute. Unless this isn't reading on my TV, it looks like he corrected the color-- it looks black to me. There is blue trim on the skirt, but it doesn't look navy. The back is bare and it's really gorgeous. It looks very expensive. Jay thinks it looks very "Jay." He enjoys branding himself, I'm noticing. That's probably a good thing.

Here's Emilio's dress. It's a simple cocktail number with a pencil skirt ending right at the knee. There are red and black ribbons running up and down the dress in asymmetrical placements and it is strapless save for two halter straps made of the same ribbon. It's really cute and Emilio's penchant for sweet, girlish clothing is becoming clearer. Emilio feels that he and his model were both satisfied.

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