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Why Buy the Potatoes When You Can Get the Sacks As a Cocktail Dress?

Now we have Jesus's look. It's a dress with a plunging neckline and a skirt to the knee. He has placed green ribbon over most of the skirt, at an angle. The rest of the burlap that is showing is dyed black. The straps of the dress criss-cross in the back. Because of the angle, there is a swath of black burlap on the right butt cheek of the model. It's very odd and unattractive. Jesus says he's happy with the dress, but worried about what the judges will say. Jesus is weird. I see all sorts of half-thoughts going on in this design. First of all, the green of the ribbon is weird. And, it looks like he didn't consider what the back of the dress would look like (He maybe should have put the zipper on the side? So the weird burlap thing wouldn't have happened on her ass?). This is a failure. I'm thinking that this dude just doesn't have good taste.

Here's Jonathan's look. It's a slim dress of burlap, with halter straps and a black brocade applied to the front of the dress. It looks really well built, especially at the bust. Kinda boring though. He's really thrilled with it though and it's definitely good enough to get through to next week, so carry on.

Oh my God, here's Maya. This dress needs psychotropic medication. It's got a Vivienne Westwood feel to it. It's a strapless dress with what looks like three skirts mashed into one. Lots of odd pleating and bunching here and there. Orange, gray, yellow, etc. Many colors were involved in the making of this look. Maya says that it was not her proudest moment, but she's happy with the outcome. Michael Kors looks confused.

Pamela's bustier dress is next. It looks like faded denim. The back is supposed to be laced up, but is coming undone. The seam is off and does, in fact, make the model's ass look big. Pamela is so happy with the job she did dyeing that she doesn't seem to concerned about the wonky construction.

Afterwards, Heidi calls Pamela, Mila, Ping, Jay, Jesus, and Amy. The others are free to go! The models return to the stage. Heidi starts the conversation with Jay. Michael thinks that he did a fine job with the feathery skirt business. Lauren breathily intones that she does believe he has made burlap look expensive. She seems fun but kind of ridiculous, no?

Nina thinks that Pamela's dress is too short and tight for her model. She also thinks it lacks sophistication. Michael says that a plain potato sack untouched by Pamela would probably look better on her model, though he commends her for her dyeing job. Heidi asks the model if she would be comfortable wearing the dress to an industry event. She stammers, which Heidi (correctly) takes as a negative.

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