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The girls are putting on their make-up and Kimberly asks Anya how it feels to have another win, then puts a fake microphone in her face. Anya interviews that she has done very well in the last couple of challenges and feels a lot of pressure to keep being progressive. At Parsons, Heidi, still looking so freaking gorgeous, takes to the runway and asks the designers how it feels to be in the final five. They're thrilled. Heidi says that this is the final challenge. Anya has goosebumps. For the final challenge, the designers are taking a ferry to meet Tim at Governors Island. He'll fill them in on the challenge once they are there. Or, they will be jailed. I don't know. I'm just spitballin'.

On the ferry, they all enjoy the view. Anya interviews that going to Fashion Week would be the ultimate moment in her life as a designer. Josh takes the moment on the ferry to congratulate himself for making it to the top five. Well, of course he did. He's been so busy congratulating himself for other things, it was time for the top five moment to get some notice. Once off the ferry, Viktor cracks that he wants to speak to the Governor immediately. Kimberly says that she has no idea what awaits them on the island. This is the perfect beginning for a zombie movie. Y'all, Kimberly is the tallest! She's really gorgeous. Tim greets them and introduces them to a lady who is in charge of the trust for Governors Island and a guy who is part of the arts council. The lady says that the Island has really become a playground for artists (and zombies). Tim points out that there is a sculpture display that is really beautiful. Tim says that they will be creating three looks that must display range inside of the collection. They will collect inspiration from the art on the premises. They get golf carts to look around! Fun! Kimberly picks out this sculpture named New Beginning. Josh chooses stained glass from a church. Laura focuses on some circular shapes. Viktor's looking at silhouettes with the City in the background. Anya is inspired by all of the sculptures. She likes the lines and negative/positive space aspects of the scultpure. She vows to not use prints, because she doesn't want the judges to think that her last win was a fluke. Girl is smart! They return from their search, and tell Tim that they feel inspired.

At Mood, Kim looks for a cantaloupe-colored wool, but can't find it. So, she has to make changes. That's so specific, what she was looking for. Laura gets a lot of circle stuff. She tells us that she spends a lot of money. Anya gets a range of black, white and rust-colored fabrics -- though she doesn't know what she's doing with them. Laura spends nearly 700 bucks, though the budget is only 500. Gotta make some changes!

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