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Here's Anya's stuff. First is a black dress that's like a handkerchief but hangs with more weight. It's so sexy and chic. The back has a low v-shape. Next is a rust-colored top and slacks. All flowing. Lastly is a white gown that's super modern in construction and I think spectacular.

Now there's Viktor's stuff. His color palette is all black, gray and white prints. He made a jacket with a ruffled lapel and top and slacks. It fits amazingly. Next is a shirt and skirt that has circular pleats around one hip. It's not bad, but Viktor thinks it could be sharper. Last we have a strapless black cocktail dress. There's boning at the hips that gives an interesting silhouette.

After the show, it's judging time. Josh says the mix of church and the nearby battery was his inspiration. Michael thinks he showed a lot of diversity -- almost too much. He still thinks that editing was a problem. Zoe liked his short white dress, but she hated the gown. Heidi liked the gown, but not the fabric. She wonders if he used plastic because it was shiny. "Is that an assumption?" he shoots back. It's a fucking question, you moron. He says that he likes the texture. Michael says that shiny can look cheap quickly.

Kimberly said that she was inspired by the sculptures. Zoe loves Kimberly's styling. Michael likes the cocktail dress but not the coat. Heidi thinks that she designed for three different girls. Nina thinks that the skirt of the look with the top is overworked and Kimberly says that if she'd left it alone they would have found it underworked. Kimberly just says that has had a great experience -- it sounds like she's quitting. She gets a bit defensive but I think she pulls it back. She just says that she's aware of the tailoring problems.

Heidi thinks that Laura seems nervous. She says she is and she cries again about showing at Fashion Week. Poor thing. Heidi likes the gown, but she's not really buying the other two looks. They all hate the babydoll dress. Zoe likes the '80s styling of the girls. She thinks the babydoll dress looks like a pillowcase. Michael thinks it's a shame that she choked now.

Anya talks about angles and how the looks appear different from different angles. Nina thinks they're very modern. It feels like a concise collection to her. Heidi loves the black dress. Michael thinks it's sophisticated and that Anya is pushing herself. He loves that she dressed each of her models in the right way. She knows women's bodies. Zoe thinks the gown looks like a condom, but it's her favorite. Work!

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