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Heidi is amazed at what Viktor can do with his sewing, but she thinks he lacks in ideas. Nina loves it though. She thinks he could turn up the volume a little bit. Zoe loves the draping on the skirt, but didn't like the boning in the cocktail dress. Michael thinks that Viktor's collection is the most commercial, which some people think is a dirty word. He agrees that he needs a little more runway punch.

Heidi asks the designers why they should go to Fashion Week and who should come with them. Everyone says that they are awesome. Josh says that Viktor and Anya should come with him, but he manages to get in a jab about how Anya is new to sewing. Kimberly wants to change fashion. She thinks that Anya and Laura should come with her. She thinks they would show a different Fashion Week. Anya says that her point-of-view is solid, even though everyone is talking about how she has grown. She gets a touch choked up and laughs it off and says that this means a tremendous amount to her. She says that Josh, despite his editing problems, should come with her. As well, she thinks that Viktor's work would have an audience. Laura cries again and says that her drive and passion would make a great show. She chooses Viktor and Anya to come with her. Viktor says that he's an immigrant. He would take Josh and -- just based on design -- Anya. It's almost people took choosing people as a chance to slam people.

The judges confer. They loved Anya's black dress. Nina thinks that she has great taste. They think that Viktor's work has evolved and has become increasingly commercial. Heidi didn't like Josh's fabrics. Michael thinks that it would be great with editing and Nina agrees. She thinks his taste is questionable. Better to have too many ideas though. Nina and Michael did not like Laura's gown. Heidi loves her passion though. Zoe thinks that Kimberly tried to do something different. They review Kimberly's work over the season. They wonder why she didn't make more pants. Michael thinks she has glamour. Will they choose four or three designers for the finals?

The designers return to the stage. Only three will compete at Fashion Week. Anya is the first in! Poo poo face from Josh. She interviews that she has to remind herself to breathe. Heidi says they liked Viktor, but he needs to pump up the volume. He's in! Heidi says that they appreciated Josh's attempts at editing, but he needs to work more. He interviews, and I am not lying, that this is the beginning of his history. His legacy. Someday, someone will be able to research this moment for him. I don't even know what to say. I mean, I guess we all have to walk around like we're the most important person in the world or we'll just jump in front of a bus or something. I don't know. But, Jesus, shut the fuck up about it. Anya hugs him backstage.

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