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The Jay McCarroll Interview

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The Jay McCarroll Interview
Are there any particular places where you see yourself living? In the world? Yeah. Oh, I'd love to live in Amsterdam. I've lived there before. So, I noticed from the show that you were in the drum corps in high school. Is that right? I was in marching band. Drummer? I was in percussion, yes. I was a saxophonist. [I don't know. I just thought there might be some interesting band geek gold to mine.] Ooh. And you had to blow that horn. I wasn't very good. I bet you are now, huh? I guess I've improved. [Did I just get harassed?] Crazy. And you played the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz? How are you finding out all this information? Dude, it was on the TV show. There were like snapshots of you. Oh yeah. Okay. I was like, "God! What are these people writing about?" Yeah, I did play the Cowardly Lion in the high school play. Okay, let's talk about the runway shows. Yum. So, when you were in the runway shows, did you have to wait for the judges -- [loud talking from Jay's side of the phone connection] Why I decided to walk through Times Square during an interview is beyond me. Yeah. Were you just walking through Times Square? Yeah, I'm here now and now I can't hear anything. Uh-oh. Okay, so you were saying with the runway judging or something? Did the judges think of the stuff they said to you off-the-cuff? Or did they -- Oh no, totally off-the-cuff. Really? Yeah. Is Anne Slowey normally that bitchy? I like her. She's totally snarky but super-down-to-earth. And Nina Garcia too. Same thing. Really down-to-earth -- oh, boys! Um, really down-to-earth and... I'm sorry. I wish we had talked at like two o'clock because then you would get a much better interview. Now it's late and I can't think of answers. I'm in the middle of Times Square. Well, we'll make it quick. So, about your line. I read somewhere that it's going to be available in 2007. Is that right? Yeah. I have a show this September, this next Fashion Week. And it'll be in stores Spring 2007. Do you know which stores? Oh, I have no idea. Hopefully, someone will pick it up and all that good stuff. Um, I'd like to go mass market. [to a fan who recognizes him] Hey! Okay, sorry. Are you having some fan action? Yeah. Kind of. I don't like to walk through -- every time you go to Times Square, shit like that happens.

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