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The Jay McCarroll Interview

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The Jay McCarroll Interview
Well, yeah, 'cause it's the armpit of the planet. It is the armpit of the planet. Yes. Is that what you said? Yeah. Now, you turned down the Banana Republic mentorship. Yep. Exactly what is a Banana Republic mentorship? Um, it's not an internship. You're not working for them. And, um, you're just kind of maybe getting guidance. They like had connections to production or, like, um, just any of the resources they have or use, they'd be willing to give the numbers away and share those resources. Which is kind of weird. But, at the time I was meeting with them -- it was March. And I had no idea what the fuck my life was about in March. So, I didn't take advantage of it. It was nothing personal. Like, I met with them and they seemed like perfectly nice people and... they were fine. It was just bad timing. Now, I heard something about a Jay imposter. Yeah. Oh my God, there's horses in here! Sometimes the cops are on horses. That's so crazy! I was just walking! You don't ever just see a horse in the middle of fucking New York. Um, what was I going to say? What was the question? Hello? You had an imposter. Oh, the imposter. Yeah. That was actually happening during the filming of the show last season. And, I just saw him again at Heatherette and he has no qualms about it. Like, he comes right up to me and is like, "Hey, Jay! It's you! It's Jake!" Jake, his actual birth name is "Jake," gets into parties as me. And he tries to be me. But, he wears -- he's like the worst imposter of me. Because he wears like colored glasses and he's huge. He's like probably 6' 5" and, I don't know, three bucks? I don't know. But it's not me. I have this guy that's representing me and he's much more of a queen than I am too. So, it's like, kind of scary. What did you say when you met him? Well, I'd heard about him. And his friend was -- ooh, sorry. I just bumped into some hot guy. Oh, I'm so excited. Um, his friend was like, "You know my friend Jake? He pretends to be you?" And I was like, "What?" He's so fucking weird. And then, I like cornered him kind of and I'm like, "Yo, if you're getting into parties as me, just try to be the nicest me you can." So, I don't know. Well, I want to wish you the best of luck. Oh, is that it? Yeah, that's it. I'm gonna see you tomorrow night as well, at the premiere. Unless you're not going to be there.

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