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During the model fitting it's all the boobs you can get on Lifetime outside of a Susan G. Komen telethon. The girls run all over the workroom getting shoved into too tight blue ensembles while the designers all complain about their co-workers. Nicholas starts in on ruffles again. They make him sick. Christopher and Epperson come up with a few ideas to tie their outfits together that seem to involve ruffles, lace, and prayers. Like a Madonna video circa 1990, but way way uglier. Carol Hannah and Shirin are working hard and Irina scoffs at their efforts as looking like they were just bought at a discount store on sale. So they should fit in perfectly with INC's line. Carol Hannah for the win! Then there is only half an hour left and all the designers are sewing for the finish line. Nicholas mutters, "Ruffles," and leaves for the night.

Back at the apartments, the designers all testify as to how hard this challenge is. While I am not a designer, it seems that having your only real parameter being that your outfit has to be blue isn't nearly as difficult as, say, designing an outfit out of car parts or when you have to rip a restaurant's interior to shreds to construct a couture gown. But maybe blue is really hard. Or maybe it's striving to meet the level of consistent mediocrity of INC. Anyway they all think it was hard. Nicholas swears on a stack of Vogue's that he is going to try and help Louise. I almost believe him, too. But he has immunity and there are a lot of ruffles to try and justify. At the workroom, the designers scamper to finish up their outfits. Most of the attention is on Irina and Gordana who are struggling to agree on whether a shirt is blue enough or something. Gordana's monotone explains that Irina gave her no direction at all, but would just say things like "I don't like it," which is probably not the most helpful criticism since Irina also doesn't like kittens, ice cream, or unicorns. Tim comes into give the contractually-obligated sponsor shout outs: L'Oreal, Garnier, and Macy's are mentioned in the requisite glowing terms and an extra holler is given because the Macy's accessories wall has been stocked with INC shoes, which they hope will hold up long enough to make it down the runway. The next few minutes are spent with the camera loitering on the trademarks of L'Oreal and Garnier and Macy's while designers flit about in a panic trying to finish their all-blue ensembles. Gordana thinks her shirt saved her ass. Christopher thinks he and Epperson were a dream team of fabulousness. Nicholas thanks the lord high almighty for giving him immunity because they ran out of time and he knows they are doomed. Doomed!

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Project Runway




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