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L'Oreal has a product called Beauty Tubes.

Heidi skips out to the runway with a high ponytail swinging behind her and earning its namesake. She is wearing white leggings. What, Tim Gunn doesn't have veto power over Heidi's outfits? I am shocked. She is also wearing a white t-shirt and taken all together it sort of looks like she just came from the gym, stepped into heels, and then walked out on the runway. I guess you get to do things like that when you look like Heidi Klum. She reminds the contestants that one week you're in and the next week you are back in your parents' basement in Shakopee making prom dresses for Midwesterners. She introduces the judges: Michael Kors, Zanna Roberts from Marie Claire, and Martine Reardon from Macy's. Where is Nina Garcia? She honestly has better things to do? I don't buy it. They start the show.

First down the runway is Irina's striped sundress with a deep V-neck, slim straps, a sort of ruffled mid-calf hemline and a lot of white for an all-blue challenge. The judges scribble and stare while Irina voices over that she thinks her model looked adorable and that she was really happy with her dress. Gordana's shirt and skirt are next. The shirt is light blue with a deep v and a navy skirt. It looks elegant and sophisticated. Logan laughs as his model walks the runway and the skirt of her suit gets higher and higher as she walks. Althea's pantsuit and, yes, ruffled tank top are next and they look right in line with INC's product line. Louise sends two ruffled dresses down the catwalk. One is light blue with so much dark ruffle packed onto a small dress it looks like it is bursting out of the dress. It's pretty much unwearable. The second look is a matte navy dress with the same light blue accented ruffle that gave Tim pause before. Louise voices over that some of the other looks on the runway are so simple that maybe this time she knows in her heart that they will be accused of being boring and she will take home the (ruffled) winner's sash. She is obviously delusional from her steady diet of anti-depressants and pop tarts. The dresses are not winners and if this is Nicholas's idea of helping, well I really wouldn't want him to help me up from a chair let alone in a competition. Nicholas tells us he is not at all happy with the looks and especially not the ruffles. THE RUFFLES! Next up is Carol Hannah's dress with its little neckerchief giving it a vaguely Parisian air. It's dark teal with a black skirt and it's not something I would wear, but is definitely mass marketable. Shirin's accompanying outfit is a blue (ruffled) tunic with a black leather belt and the dreaded leggings. Definitely could have some mass-market appeal, too. Last on the catwalk are Epperson and Christopher. As the fabled shirtdress winds its way in front of the judges, Zanna Roberts stares and her jaw drops (in a ladylike fashion). Is it in wonder or horror or awe? We will not know until judgment time. Christopher is sure it is going to be an INC product. The last look is a teal sateen bubble top with a high neck and a ruffle giving it almost an Edwardian feel. The outfit is completed with another pair of leggings. Epperson explains that when you are designing for the mass market you have to take yourself out of it and really think of the customer. A customer who is apparently a leggings wearing ruffle aficionado with a taste for historical reenactment.

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